Create a project portfolio that supports and runs your business

For any organization, it is important to have an overview of its planned and running projects in order to make the right decisions and realize the project’s expected business value.

Having an overview of essential project information enables you to:

To choose the right projects to begin with

  • Communicate updated project information to relevant stakeholders in the organization
  • Ensure progress in the project work
  • Keep track of resource consumption, both human and monetary resources
  • Documenting decisions and changes in the projects
  • Anchor learning from projects in the operating organization
  • Prioritize running projects

An agile and healthy project portfolio

No portfolios are the same but all are built around some more or less defined decision-making processes and all projects are performed using some specific tools and templates and with a defined role allocation. We advise you about best practices in project and portfolio management and adapt our technical solution to existing processes in the organization.

How can we help?

ProActive’s PPM consultants have extensive experience with both the general challenges in projects and project managers’ challenges as well as the strategic side of portfolio management. Our consultants have implemented portfolio solutions for large and smaller organizations and as a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner we are always at the forefront of the latest technical opportunities.