The COVID-19 Pandemic forced everyone to adapt at an unprecedented pace. For most businesses this meant adopting remote working business models and additional safety measures where remote work was not possible.

As organizations rushed to enable remote work, Microsoft and other providers promoted their work management tools to help enable the transition. The result was a rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams, and other similar tools. Additionally, many clients pivoted quickly to adopt work management tools that could be quickly deployed and easily adopted including Microsoft Planner, Project for the web, Microsoft Project Desktop and others; while other groups continued with their use Azure DevOps and Jira.

The result is a wild west of tool usage with everyone trying to manage their work and coordinate resources and deadlines without a centralized view of everything

In this webinar we will explore and demonstrate:
• The current situation and the challenges it presents
• How OnePlan is leveraging its tools and the Microsoft platform to identify and consolidate the many projects within the organization
• How you can extend these tools to meet the challenges of today
• How organizations can optimize their investment in the Microsoft platform to gain control
• The path forward to bring order to the chaos.