Whether you know it or not, your organization is currently part of an agile enterprise initiative. As your digital transformation increases agile work patterns, your ability to deliver customer value around your organizational and development value streams will define your success in the future. Strategic Portfolio Management and Program Planning depend on a clear definition of your development value streams that support the organizational value streams of your business.

In this webinar, we will cover the key underpinnings of identifying your organizational value streams as a way of defining your development value streams. We will show the benefits of defining your organizational value streams in the context of business architecture. Next, we will cover the need to organize your development value streams for Strategic Portfolio Management adoption. As part of the webinar, we will go into the relationship between Business Architecture and Strategic Portfolio Management to achieve success with your enterprise agile transformation.

Topics covered will include, among others:

  • Business Architecture and the Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Portfolio Management and Strategy Realization
  • Strategic Portfolio Management and Value Stream Funding
  • Strategy Realization with Business Architecture and Adaptive Portfolio Management