Digital transformation is important to every organization. On top of the disruption it causes in today’s work environments, it has changed our way of consuming products and services. We now expect simplicity, 24/7 access, and the ability to access information from any device. This adds additional challenges to getting work done in a modern workplace.

So how can the PMO help drive this change while protecting work culture, team collaboration and customer experience? It’s simple, digital change is impacting organizations at a rapid pace because we see the value in the transformation. Projects are happening faster, with more flexible delivery models and with greater collaboration. Technology is actually catching up to the way we have been working as individuals for quite some time. The PMO must embrace this change by focusing on what matters most, the results. A new mindset of supporting various tools, flexible scheduling methodologies, and various means of collaboration is essential to the PMOs success.

Join us as we share tips and tricks for driving digital transformation through the PMO. Topics include:

  • The Impact of Digital Transformation
  • The PMO Evolution
  • Tips and Tricks for Supporting Change
  • PMO Tools for the Modern Workplace
  • PMO Managed Services
  • Hiring the Right PMO Team