Project Management practices have changed significantly over the years, but the needs of organizations have remained the same. Transparency into all work across the Enterprise is essential for optimizing your resources. Think about it, resources often represent the biggest expense for most businesses. If you fail to deploy resources effectively across your portfolio of projects, your risks increase significantly in the areas of cost overruns, loss of productivity, low morale, and poor quality deliverables. In addition, introduce the fact that most of these bodies of work are conflicting with other shifting priorities and now you have a recipe for disaster.

In order to optimize resources while ensuring speed to market, increased productivity and a deliverable that provides significant value to the business, you must have your resource management practices in check. OnePlan integrates with Planner, Project, Azure DevOps, Jira and more to leverage resources across the enterprise for maximum viability. Join us as we review a resource management framework that will help your business deploy, manage and optimize your resource management for successful project delivery.

Topics include:

  • The Resource Management Life Cycle
  • Resource Management Best Practices
  • Resource Management Reports and BI
  • Collaboration for Winning Teams