Microsoft has stated that all investments in project management tools are focused on Project for the web and creating compelling offerings in the Power platform. This brings PPM into the core of Microsoft’s vision, providing organizations with a flexibility Project Online could never offer. There is a compelling opportunity to leverage your current investments and build the PPM platform that works for your organization.

Furthermore, market surveys by Gartner indicate that EPMOs and senior leadership are increasingly embracing the proliferation of multiple project and work management tools across the enterprise. The need to integrate these tools and provide combined visibility and reporting to support decision making is critical. Aggregating data from multiple sources and presenting it in a meaningful format is still a highly manual exercise for most organizations today.

In this webinar we will explore the power to choose how you want to modernize your Portfolio Management Platform and optimize your current investments. Will it be in Teams, Power Apps, the browser, or Azure DevOps? We will also show how OnePlan provides the platform needed to enable users to manage their projects with the tools that work for them while providing critical information to help manage the portfolio.