Now more than ever, organizations are facing the need to tighten and optimize portfolio spending in order to increase their ROI and ensure maximum value to the business and its customers. Changes in business conditions and the economy force businesses to find ways to intelligently cut costs without sacrificing the quality of ongoing operations. There is a need to balance cost reductions with the continued enablement of business outcomes. A reactionary or undisciplined approach to cost reductions may result in unintended consequences when economic conditions improve, which impacts the enterprise’s ability to recover.

It is more than just working smarter or doing more with less Understanding what needs to be done and where to begin is the first step; however, having the proper tools in place will take you even farther.

OnePlan’s Financial Planner and Portfolio Planner seamlessly extend Microsoft Teams to enable full financial management and capital budgeting controls such as cost categorization, scenario modeling, cost rollups, cost analytics, and forecasting.

Join this webinar as we discuss Financial Management and demonstrate how OnePlan enables the following capabilities:

  • Project and program level financial planning/tracking
  • Financial visibility across one or more portfolios
  • Financial planner with flexible cost category structures
  • Cost types including budget, forecast, actuals, benefits, revenue, and more…
  • Portfolio analysis with what-if scenarios and financial impacts
  • Reporting and dashboards for all financial information
  • Integration with financial and ERP systems