Managing the flow of value towards business outcomes is now imperative for all organizations. Delivering the highest business value in the shortest amount of time, predictably with high quality, has to be implemented in every part of the organization, independently of framework or methodology.

Learn to use OnePlan to “shift left” toward a lean enterprise by viewing existing product commitments aligned to strategic themes and product backlogs. Drive transparency by using OnePlan to view the commitments from all teams in any working tool to prioritize and understand new requests for features against all other product work. OnePlan allows leadership, portfolio managers, and product teams to “ladder” up and down the planning hierarchy from corporate goals and strategic initiatives all the way down to product and program tasks. If your organization manages waterfall projects, OnePlan also allows you to integrate any type of project into the planning hierarchy. In this webinar, we will show how OnePlan capabilities that include:

• Define an Agile Portfolio Management Hierarchy
• Align all work to Strategic Themes
• Integrate Backlogs from any Team Planning Tool
• Understand the Program Kanban to plan commitments
• Visualize Portfolio, Program and Team backlogs
• Gather insights from agile portfolio management dashboards