Join an exclusive virtual engagement of program/project leaders to learn how modern technology can help you save valuable time and simplify the management of shared workstreams.

Have you experienced …

  • Loss of productivity due to context switching?
  • Being overwhelmed with tracking/monitoring progress among disparate tools/technologies?
  • Delays in completing projects on-time & on-budget?
  • Obstacles with remaining updated on traction & impact?
  • Challenges collaborating effectively across team geographies?

If you answered yes … let’s come together to modernize virtual teamwork, streamline your projects, and attain the utmost value from your technology investments! Be a change maker and unleash the power of modern collaboration and communication tools that help you do more! Help your team stay on top of PRJs impacting ROI, effortlessly – no admin/busy work required – with on-demand access, automation, and sharing of real-time data that’s accessible to everyone in a single pane of glass on Microsoft Teams.

During this 90-minute experience, a Microsoft Champion Program Manager will model ‘a day in the life’ of program and project managers, sharing tips/tricks/use case scenarios with Microsoft Teams as the one-stop hub for all your project needs, from concept to completion!

This immersive experience will entail …

  1. Transforming productivity & collaboration
  2. Establishing a single source of truth
  3. Reinvigorating practices for focus/alignment/accountability

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