Project management “operating system” established to drive core PPM processes.
Company Overview
Brambles Limited is an Australian supply-chain / logistics company that specializes in the pooling of unit-load equipment, pallets, crates, and containers. With worldwide operations and specialized and efficient management of the “circular supply chain,” Brambles plays a key role in the delivery or return of products amongst global trading partners such as manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.
Headquarters: Sydney , Australia
Why OnePlan: Tailored flexibility with user-friendly interface to standardize processes and enforce governance with robust reporting.
Industry: Retail
Departments: IT, PMO/Transformation
Featured Highlight
  • Schedule Management in Work Planner
  • Centralized document repositories
  • Custom workflows & governance
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft cloud technologies
  • Enterprise grade security
Top Challenges

Siloed operations within its IT Portfolio, as each department operated independently, leading to a lack of transparency, collaboration, governance and effective problem-solving

Customer Challenges

​Brambles had a variety of Project Management tools with no easy way of consolidating project management data. The proliferation of project management solutions was hindering the execution of a long-term business transformation strategy. Brambles needed certain common and strategic project management processes and enterprise project reporting while still allowing individual project management solutions to be utilized as a part of the PPM platform.

Microsoft Apps
Microsoft Automate
Microsoft Power BI​
Microsoft Teams

As part of the PMO driven business transformation strategy with OnePlan, Brambles implemented a project management “operating system” acting as a foundation for core processes such as project intake, portfolio management, resource, financial planning, and reporting – while providing integration capability for a variety of tools used for project execution​.

OnePlan’s new Adaptive PPM platform, combining the use of PowerApps and OnePlan gave Brambles the desired PPM operating system while allowing for tool flexibility at the execution level​.

Customer Benefits:​
A comprehensive picture of progress across the portfolio​
Greater adoption by allowing flexibility of work management tools​
Modern Portfolio Management solution that enables leadership to make confident decisions