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Optimize Financial Investments

OnePlan connects financials from strategy to investments to detailed budget, actuals, and forecast.  Gain an understanding of project investment to value realization within capital and expense constraints.

Key Features

Robust financial capabilities in OnePlan’s Financial Plans enables project budgeting, forecasting, and tracking actuals for capital and expense across all work.

Strategy Investment

Whether creating a top down strategic plan or bottoms up project plans, balance the portfolio across growth, innovation, digital transformation, and keep the lights on.

Budgets, actuals and forecast

Effectively manage your project portfolio budget with actuals and forecasts.

Capital Planning

Plan and manage capital investment project portfolios from business case to execution, optimizing capital spend over shifts, delays, or new opportunities.
Cost Details

Project & Portfolio Financial Management

OnePlan’s Financial Plan provides top-down financial management for all your strategic projects. Track budget, forecast, actuals, benefits as well as defining your own custom cost types. Track costs by capital, expense, internal, external, and much more.

Strategic, capital, and investment financial planning

Bridge the gap between project management systems and financial planning processes by supporting the complete project financial management lifecycle. Provide management transparency into the state of spend across the organization including the financial impact of proposed initiatives. Anticipate how the money you spend will translate into value for the company by connecting spend to both cost center and value delivered.
CapEx vs
Portfolio Finanical What if Planning

Drive business value with robust portfolio analysis.

Easily model different investment scenarios to determine the best strategic path. Weigh project proposals against strategic business drivers based on objective criteria, all while considering cost and resource constraints.

Deliver new insights into your business with visual reporting & analytics

Make the right decisions with access to real-time reporting and analytics. Visually monitor utilization of your team to help with capacity planning. Slice and dice the data to personalize your view. Monitor and improve your team’s efficiency and compliance.
Finanical Health Reporting
Sofia in Financial Plan

AI-Enabled Financial Planning with OnePlan’s Sofia GPT

Sofia GPT for Financial Planning in OnePlan offers a set of powerful AI capabilities to help you optimize your financial planning process and drive better financial outcomes. Whether you’re a Finance Manager, CFO, or Business Analyst, Sofia GPT for Financial Planning in OnePlan AI can help you streamline financial planning, enhance financial performance, and achieve your strategic objectives.

OnePlan Webinars

Visit the OnePlan webinar center where you will find live and on-demand webinars showcasing our project portfolio management solutions.

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