Our Story

Everything worth doing – is worth doing well

Our Story

Project management has evolved from a technical, prescribed solution to a much more diverse toolkit of approaches for project delivery. Digital transformation is everywhere, and project management tools have entered new dimensions of connectivity, creativity and intelligence. To succeed, project professionals must adapt and tailor their project management approach based on the best solution – resulting in a variety of toolsets across the organization.

Because of this, project leaders face challenges to gain visibility across their portfolio and align strategy to their investments. Wicresoft and OnePlan partnered on a joint venture to address these challenges. Wicresoft, co-founded by Microsoft in 2002, is a trusted global provider for digital transformation services and solutions with a strong expertise in project and portfolio management. In 2019, Wicresoft was awarded the Global Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Partner of the Year award demonstrating breakthrough customer impact and solution innovation with OnePlan.

With OnePlan, project managers can effectively serve as a critical enabler to deliver on strategy and drive business objectives. Project leaders can be predictive versus reactive. They can align strategy to investments and manage risk across the portfolio, while enabling project managers the flexibility they need to successfully deliver.

With a long history of Microsoft expertise, innovative product development experience, and a simple belief that everything worth doing is worth doing well, we have a promise to deliver to our customers. Leveraging the Microsoft technology you know, the personnel that makes your company one of a kind, and OnePlan’s Project Portfolio Management applications, we promise to bridge the gap between strategy and execution to meet the needs of every PMO. An empowered workforce, proven technology that promotes their greatness, and a partner that can only succeed if you do – a winning combination every time.

Who We Are

We are passionate about helping our customers create efficiencies that make work more enjoyable.

Our Expertise

Our team is comprised of insanely talented people, with decades of Microsoft experience, that we’re lucky yo call our coworkers and our friends.

Our Values

We believe that happy employees translates into happy customers. Our culture reinforces that work can be something that can bring fun and fulfillment to the like you lead.

Our Partner

We partner with Microsoft, the leading cloud productivity platform, to deliver innovative services and solutions maximizing workforce productivity.

People first

Our approach to putting people first, reinvents productivity allowing your organization shine its brightest. We design solutions that your users will love and use.

Our Philosophy

While each and every customer is unique, there’s no reason to start from scratch. Be cost effective and efficient with our best practices and accelerators.

Fun: allowed

We will engage with your team by incorporating “gamification” to deliver deeper, more actionable insight into each engagement.