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OnePlan Framework: integrating people  process, and technology

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The path to achieving business agility is about much more than just using our software – it requires an overall transformation strategy that involves technology, people and processes. And each organization has their own unique journey as they strive for digital transformation. We recognize this and meet you where you are at, as a partner, on your path to achieving business agility. The OnePlan team’s purpose is to help your organization on its path to innovation, flexibility, and speed – by offering technology, consulting and support to suit your needs at different stages of your journey.

People & Process

Remove cost and time from you business. Adapt and adopt lean frameworks: to improve you teams velocity. Enable your leads to improve business agility through how they lead and manage.


Optimize portfolios based on business objectives, strategic themes, value delivered, financial targets and capacity. For a complete view across the enterprise, connect OnePlan technology with other tools you use for managing work.

Your dedicated partner in maximizing productivity and creating the shortest path to value.

OnePlan has a unique approach to delivering value for our customers, allowing you to benefit from adjustments to technology, decision-making and behavior. When implementing change, we recommend taking an agile approach and delivering in iterations. By organizing your business objectives and targeted outcomes into sprints, our framework enables a ‘shift to the left’, meaning that business value is delivered earlier than with traditional project methods and risk is not deferred to the end of the timeline. It also means we can ‘timebox’ the work, to keep to a budget and timeline.

Traditional Approach OnePlan Framework
Define all work processes in detail first, then implement supporting tools. Design and implement tools and process at the same time: each can positively influence the other.
Define detailed requirements up front and protect them using a change order process. Define a minimum viable product (MVP) up front and allow room for user experience and lessons learned to routinely prioritize user stories during the project.
Present the technology solution to stakeholders near the end of the project. Organize stakeholders into groups and introduce them early and often to the solution: to build familiarity, get feedback and help adoption.
Integrate and test solution features or capabilities at the end of the project. Integrate capabilities and test features in iterations, to avoid surprises and overruns at the end of the project.
Project team communicates via a detailed schedule. Project ‘core’ team manages documented sprint objectives and user stories and has very frequent, short meetings to ensure alignment and accountability.
Vendor team and a customer team. A partnership with common objectives. Retrospectives at the end of every sprint are used to encourage continuous learning and improvement.
Issues that surface later in the project require change orders to add time and budget. Keep to a timeline and budget through continuous prioritization and adjustment.
Schedule some adoption and change management activity for the end of the project, including training. Adoption and change management should be factored into every iteration or sprint. Train change agents early on by including them in the project.

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