Agile Portfolio Management

The power of agility, speed to benefit, and innovation on an Enterprise scale.
Connect your strategy to lean portfolios to deliver maximum business value every time.

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Adopt Agile Portfolio Management to achieve Business Agility in your organization.

Your business strategy has to continually adapt. Gain the benefits from business agility by aligning lean portfolio investments to defined business outcomes. Watch your ideas come to life and deliver your customers awesome products and services every time.


Connect Portfolios to Enterprise Strategy

Focus on the initiaitves that bring the most value to the business. Visualize impacts when new initiatives are introduced and ensure that all contribute business outcomes for strategic results.

Shift to a Portfolio Kanban for Governance

Understand the continuous flow of value in your portfolios. Prirotize based on the greatest business value in the shortes time. Focus on the attainment of your epic success criteria that connects to objectives and key results.

View all of the work from the Portfolio vantage point

Get visibility across all your investments top down and bottom up. Track progress against all initiatives in your planning structure from OKR to the Program level. Predict and forecast what’s coming with visual analytics that will drive powerful decision making

Lean Portfolio Management
Across the Enterprise

Adapting to changing market conditionsrequires agility and a highly performing organization. Today’s enterprise must be ready to shift at every turn, embracing change, and aligning with strategy – investing in the initiaitives that will delivery the greatest business outcomes. Adopt agile portfolio management to connect people, processes and technology for speed, agility and quality.

Agile Portfolio Management

Keep your Agile teams aligned to strategy by connecting epics, features and to business objectives. Prioritize portfolio against objectives and key results. Identify the initiatives that bring the most value. Make decisions instantly by analyzing the impact of new ideas against the current portfolio.

  • Powerful reporting – Data-driven decisioning to approve, manage and status the right work.
  • Ideation – Track all requests centrally and keep a backlog of ideas to foster innovation and competitive advantage
  • Scoring and ranking – Prioritize the initiatives that brings the most value to the business
  • Streamline work – Manage the flow of value to move work through process step

Portfolio Visibility and Insights

Keep all stakeholders informed of real-time status and portfolio/program performance. Stay ahead of potential risks and know when action is needed to mitigate impact. Easily create and configure dashboards and reports that are appropriate for every level of delivery. Identify change impact immediately and keep your portfolio on course.

  • Roadmap visibility – always keep an eye on future releases to keep stakeholders updated and prepared for the next iteration
  • Remove barriers – identify potential issues before they become team blockers
  • Budget alignment – understand portfolio budgets and ensure alignment across teams to prevent overruns

Resource Management and Allocation

Identify resource needs early on to ensure you have the right resources to fulfill your strategic objectives. Have the tools you need to manage unexpected change and new demand. Ensure you have the right skillsets and roles in your teams to optimize performance and delivery with speed. Powerful resource analytic tools such as what-if modeling can help you stay on top of changing needs and make decisions to keep your portfolio on track with new work on deck.

  • View labor cost in a consumable fashion by project, product, work type or epic. Determine where your money is spent – innovation or ongoing maintenance
  • View all your resource assignments with reports organized in a way that works best for you – via role, team, project, or product
  • Get a look into all your resource capacity risks and make changes to assignments to maximize utilization
  • Identify resource gaps from future work that could impact your team’s ability to deliver


Portfolio Cost Management

Forecast and track costs from start to finish with OnePlan’s financial management capabilities at the strategy, portfolio, and program levels. Understand the cost of future initiatives and track actuals against all portfolios and programs to plan more accurately with every initiative. Create reports that drive decision making and keep your work in line with forecasts and planned costs

Portfolio Integrations – All Work Management

OnePlan’s out of box integrations helps you bring all work together in one solution. Gaps in visibility across work can impact every aspect of delivery. Allow teams to work in the tool that works best for them while bringing it all together in one view for actionable insights that will help improve performance and productivity. Save your team’s time from moving from different tools and give them the visibility they need to stay informed and make the right decisions. OnePlan integrates with most common team planning ALM tools and offers plug and play connections that consolidates work and allows you to view the work through easy to use dashboards and reports. Agility requires the ability to react quickly to change across your portfolio – OnePlan gives you the tools to have a single source of truth for agile portfolios.

Portfolio Governance and Collaboration

Shared knowledge across teams is critical for maximum performance. Global visibility improves accountability and fosters collaboration and teamwork. Manage work with easy while increasing speed to value, ensuring compliance, and streamlining performance. Do not get bogged down with process – OnePlan introduces the right amount of agile portfolio governance to keep your teams productive and aligned with best practice standards.


OnePlan offers flexible volume-based and multi-year pricing upon request.
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People & Processes

Some teams may want to preserve their unique methods for managing work, others may need a better process and others may simply need the bare minimum. We help you build the right approach to allow all these needs to co-exist.  This means connecting execution to your strategy, improving skills, streamlining your tools, and finding common metrics for viewing and managing the outcomes of execution.  

Business Strategy Workshop

With a small group of your leaders and change agents, we walk through your challenges today and your business objectives for change. We help you identify gaps and opportunities based on leading practices. The output is documented as a roadmap of near-term and longer-term recommendations. 


We support your rollout of an adaptive framework, tailored to your needs. We integrate process and people considerations into your tools and technology implementation, including data design, process and roles updates, training, coaching, adoption and change management.  .

OnePlan Webinars

Visit the OnePlan webinar center where you will find live and on-demand webinars showcasing our Agile Portfolio Management Solution.

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