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OnePlan offers a strategic portfolio, financial, resource and work management solution that fits the needs of every organization.

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Integrating Jira and Azure DevOps into a Comprehensive Product Portfolio Management Solution

Key Benefits of Extending Jira into a Strategic Portfolio Management Solution with OnePlan

When organizations integrate OnePlan with Jira, they unlock a range of significant benefits that enhance their project management capabilities and transform Jira into a comprehensive Strategic Portfolio Management solution. This section explores three key benefits that arise from leveraging OnePlan alongside Jira. These benefits include amplified portfolio visibility, optimized resource management, and seamless strategic alignment. By harnessing these advantages, organizations can gain real-time insights, streamline resource allocation, and ensure their projects are aligned with their strategic objectives.

Enhanced Portfolio Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of all projects, resources, and financials across your organization. OnePlan provides real-time dashboards and reports, allowing stakeholders to monitor progress and make informed decisions.

Strategic Alignment

Align epics and initiatives with strategic objectives. OnePlan facilitates the creation and management of portfolios, enabling organizations to prioritize investments, allocate resources, and ensure alignment with business goals.


Improved Resource Management

Optimize resource allocation and ensure the right resources are assigned to the right projects. OnePlan’s resource management features enable effective planning, capacity management, and collaboration.



Strategic Planning (OKRs) in Jira

OKRs have many levels in the enterprise. While all objectives will connect back to enterprise goals, each business unit may have a unique version, based on its customer focus. The same goes for departments within each business unit. Additionally, large organizations are typically a matrix, with additional strategies for teams such as value streams, functional groups and geographical teams which span multiple business units. OnePlan allows you to manage different levels and versions of OKRs. Whether you need a view by business unit, value stream, program or product area, OnePlan supports the many hierarchies and matrices in an enterprise.

Agile Project Portfolio Management in Jira

Keep your Agile teams aligned to strategy by connecting epics, features and to business objectives. Prioritize portfolio against objectives and key results. Identify the initiatives that bring the most value. Make decisions instantly by analyzing the impact of new ideas against the current portfolio. 

  • Powerful reporting – Data-driven decisioning to approve, manage and status the right work. 
  • Ideation – Track all requests centrally and keep a backlog of ideas to foster innovation and competitive advantage 
  • Scoring and ranking – Prioritize the initiatives that brings the most value to the business 
  • Streamline work – Manage the flow of value to move work through process step 
Jira Resource Priortization 2
Jira Financial Management

Project Financial Planning in Jira

OnePlan’s Financial Plan provides top-down financial management for all your strategic projects.  

  • Budget and Cost Tracking – Track budget, forecast, actuals, benefits as well as defining your own custom cost types. Track costs by capital, expense, internal, external, and much more. 
  • Strategic, capital, and investment planning 
  • Bridge the gap between project management systems and financial planning processes by supporting the complete project financial management lifecycle.  
  • Financial source of truth integrations – Financial data lives everywhere. One Plan can bring in all your financial data from common financial systems including Oracle, WorkDay, QuickBooks, Dynamics 365 and more. 

Resource Planning in Jira

Manage Resources Workload and Availability across All Work – Resource Management and capacity planning to define achievable, role-based plans and balance capacity and demand  

Teams and Role-Based Planning – Proactively identify bottlenecks by role, location and other key factors to uncover issues  

Resource Negotiations and Alerts – Get timely warnings to the right people with integrated notifications of new and out-of-tolerance assignments. 

Jira Global Resource Planner
Jira Hybrid Work Plan

Hybrid Project Management in Jira

You’ve got a mix of both agile and waterfall methodologies? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Often the Project Management Office (PMO) is using OnePlan to help them manage organizational initiatives and investments in their project portfolio. Yet, the teams tasked with executing against these high-level business themes manage their work in Agile planning tools including Jira. 


Visualize Portfolio Dependencies in Jira

OnePlan’s Visualizer helps decision-makers understand the dependencies between different investments. Through it, analysts can link strategic initiatives to a future state business context, using node visualizations that allow mapping across business capabilities and enterprise architecture models.

Jira Visulize Business Architecture
MIcrosoft Teams Timesheets

Time Tracking in Jira

  • Time tracking simplified – When things are simple, you can get more done. Increase productivity and capture time on all your projects.  
  • Flexible time categories – Create and manage multiple time categories that align with your organization’s work structures.  
  • Streamlined timesheet flows – Managers can approve, reject and email timesheet updates for improved timesheet collaboration. Add notes and keep a history of timesheet updates. 
  • Centralized timesheets across all work – OnePlan can bring in all timesheets across all work into one central location for simplified timesheet management and collaboration. 

Build Roadmaps in Jira

Build roadmaps that connect strategy, investments, projects and resources. Ensure the organization is on track to deliver products, technology and applications.

Jira Roadmap
Jira Insight AI

Insights and AI in Jira

  • Optimize Team Productivity – Align your teams on the most important data and the actions required of them. Insights on each team member’s Home Page clarify important processes that are due, as well as any issues with data completeness and quality. 
  • Performance Measurement – Plan owners receive a real time metric of their compliance to the target standards of process and data management. Additional alerts provide specific actions needed to improve. 
  • Adoption & Leadership – To drive the right behaviors from your teams, leader boards generate metrics of compliance to process and data quality standards. 

Gain Insights Through Reporting and BI in Jira

Making decisions is nearly impossible without a complete view into all the work that is currently in play. In today’s world, leaders must be able to shift quickly and with confidence to stay ahead of the competition. OnePlan provides real-time visibility into every aspect of work so you can make proactive decisions that will protect your investments and help you deliver on time, on budget and within the quality standards your customer’s deserve. Create quick and easy to use reports and dashboards to gain insights into the data that means the most to you.

Jira Dashboards
Integration Cloud Grey

Because Some Things Are Just Better Together 

Empower everyone to innovate with one integrated Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform 

Foster greater collaboration and avoid tool proliferation with a PPM solution that includes integrated solutions for simple task management, scheduling, communications, and more 

Get a fused solution you need with native Office 365, Power Apps, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Azure DevOps capabilities 

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