Strategic Portfolio Management with Smartsheet & OnePlan 

Unleash the power of advanced strategic portfolio management by extending Smartsheet with OnePlan. Dive into best practices, seamless integration techniques, and innovative strategies to evolve your project management endeavors into strategic portfolio solutions. Discover how this combined strength can drive your organization’s efficiency and decision-making to new heights. 

Key Benefits of Extending Smartsheet into a Strategic Portfolio Management Solution with OnePlan 

When organizations integrate OnePlan with Smartsheet, they unlock a range of significant benefits that enhance their project management capabilities and transform Smartsheet into a comprehensive Strategic Portfolio Management solution. This section explores three key benefits that arise from leveraging OnePlan alongside Smartsheet. These benefits include amplified portfolio visibility, optimized resource management, and seamless strategic alignment. By harnessing these advantages, organizations can gain real-time insights, streamline resource allocation, and ensure their projects are aligned with their strategic objectives. 

Enhanced Portfolio Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of all projects, resources, and financials across your organization. OnePlan provides real-time dashboards and reports, allowing stakeholders to monitor progress and make informed decisions. 

Strategic Alignment

Align epics and initiatives with strategic objectives. OnePlan facilitates the creation and management of portfolios, enabling organizations to prioritize investments, allocate resources, and ensure alignment with business goals. 


Improved Resource Management

Optimize resource allocation and ensure the right resources are assigned to the right projects. OnePlan’s resource management features enable effective planning, capacity management, and collaboration. 


Seamless Strategic Alignment 

OnePlan’s capabilities ensure that all projects undertaken in Smartsheet are inherently aligned with the organization’s larger strategic goals. This harmonization ensures that every project contributes to the overall business objectives, thus improving ROI on projects. 

Advanced Portfolio Prioritization and Modeling 

Integrating OnePlan with Smartsheet introduces a sophisticated framework for portfolio evaluation. Organizations can effortlessly rank projects based on strategic alignment, potential ROI, and other custom criteria. This ensures that the highest-impact projects get precedence. Moreover, with enhanced modeling tools, teams can simulate various portfolio scenarios, assessing risks and outcomes of different strategies before committing resources. This proactive approach enables firms to chart out the most optimal path forward, balancing both short-term and long-term objectives. 

Unified Portfolio Oversight 

By melding Smartsheet’s detailed project management tools with OnePlan’s strategic framework, users obtain a centralized view of all their initiatives. This synergy makes it easier to monitor project milestones in conjunction with overarching strategic objectives.

Optimized Resource Utilization 

With the integrated platforms, organizations can fine-tune resource allocation, ensuring that the right resources are dedicated to the most impactful projects. The merge also aids in identifying and rectifying any resource bottlenecks or overutilizations in real-time. 

Optimized Financial Investment  

The synergy between OnePlan and Smartsheet provides financial clarity at every project stage. By integrating budgeting and forecasting tools, organizations can gain real-time insights into their financial health, ensuring investments are directed towards projects that offer the highest value.  

Enhanced Decision-making  

With combined data from both platforms, stakeholders gain richer insights, making it easier to take data-driven decisions. The real-time dashboards and comprehensive reports make it simpler for leaders to analyze the project’s trajectory in the context of broader business goals. 

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