Connecting Business Strategy to Delivery

OnePlan offers a strategic portfolio, financial and resource management solutions that fits the needs of every department in the organization.  Connect OnePlan with Microsoft Project, Office 365 Planner, Azure DevOps, Jira, and more for a complete view into all work across the enterprise.

Improve Productivity, Time to Market, Quality & Employee Engagement.

Organizations wish to adapt, innovate and compete. In reality, they are like the people in them: complex, full of potential…and with old habits. Business agility means adopting the mindset, practices, and tools to become more value-focused and customer-obsessed. The OnePlan team’s purpose is to help your organization on its path to innovation, flexibility, and speed – by offering technology and consulting services to suit your needs at different stages of your journey. 

Strategic portfolio Management

For your product, service and project portfolios, change direction regularly, rapidly and with confidence in your data. Align work to objectives, business outcomes, capacity, and real-time performance. 

Agile Portfolio Management

Expand agile practices to more teams and to the executive level, improving time to market, quality and productivity.

Adaptive Portfolio Management

Empower different teams to use the execution methods and tools that best suit them.  Maintain visibility and decision-making across all. 

Professional Services Automation

Leverage automation to operate with greater efficiency and profitability.  

Strategic Portfolio Management

As a business leader, if you know exactly what your organization needs to do and exactly how you are going to do it, you do not need OnePlan. For everyone else, there is OnePlan Strategic Portfolio Management. Whether your portfolios consist of projects, products or services, business agility means being able to change direction regularly, rapidly and with confidence in your data. It means having measurable goals and strategies (objectives and key results, or OKRs), followed by aligning ideas and proposals to those OKRs. Finally, it requires making good choices on the sequencing and resequencing of your work based on metrics of business value, capacity and progress updates.

Adaptive Portfolio Management

If your journey to improved performance means accommodating both old and new ways of working, Adaptive Portfolio Management allows you to balance different approaches. For organizations that have a mix of methodologies in play, for example: waterfall project management and agile management, an Adaptive or ‘hybrid’ strategy enables different teams to use the execution approach and toolsets that best suit them, while maintaining a layer of visibility and decision-making across all. 

Agile Portfolio Management

The road to business agility is often blocked because the organization has conflicting practices that were built for old ways of working. While agile methods are growing at the small team or execution level, these initiatives are often held back by a lack of agile mindset and practices during business decision-making. Agile Portfolio Management scales and expands agile practices to the executive level, improving time to market, quality and productivity.  

And while Agile is expanding in many IT departments, the path to agility outside of IT is not easy: how do you take a production process within industry and make it more agile?  

Professional Service Automation

If your business is delivering services and products to customers, automation will help you operate with greater efficiency and profitability. Business agility will help you ensure the best possible customer experience and improve customer delight.  

Professional services businesses typically have a marketing and sales component, plus an execution or project delivery component. Often, these two parts are not well connected as a single ‘value stream’ for the customer, meaning that information is not reliably built up and transitioned through the customer lifecycle. It may also mean that the customer interacts with staff that appear disconnected from each other and unaware of the customer’s history. This can lead to poor satisfaction ratings, slow execution, costly rework after a customer engagement, as well as disruption to staffing other projects. Additionally, an analysis of each customer’s history, profitability and potential is hard to grasp, leading to poor sales and operations decisions. 

Adaptive PPM PowerApps 2

Empower Teams with a Fused Microsoft User Experience

OnePlan is built in the Secured Microsoft Cloud

MIcrosoft Teams

Unify Team Collaboration and Project Management with OnePlan for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Project

Simplified Portfolio, Resource and Financial Planning for Microsoft Project

Azure DevOps

OnePlan with Azure DevOps drives enhanced visibility & alignment for Scaled Agile Management

Office 365 SharePoint

Evolve SharePoint to a more comprehensive Project and Work Management Solution

Microsoft PowerApps

Easily build Project Portfolio Management apps you need and extend or customize the apps.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 into an Universal Project and Work Management Solution

Customize, extend, and build
the OnePlan solution you need using Power Platform

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