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Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management is a systematic process of balancing, aligning and optimizing a portfolio of projects, programs and assets with an organization’s strategic objectives, capabilities and risk tolerance. It involves the identification, prioritization, allocation and monitoring of resources, investments and initiatives to deliver value, innovation and competitive advantage.


Professional Service Automation

Professional Service Automation (PSA) solution automates and integrates various business processes for professional service organizations, such as consulting firms, law practices, and accounting firms. It streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, and provides real-time visibility into project performance, resource utilization, and customer engagement.


Adaptive Project Portfolio Management

Adaptive Project Portfolio Management is a combination of traditional project management approaches and Agile methodologies, tailored to fit the specific needs and constraints of an organization’s projects. Adaptive PPM seeks to balance the benefits of both methodologies, such as predictability and structure from traditional PM and adaptability and speed from Agile, in order to achieve project success in a complex and rapidly changing environment.


Product Portfolio Management

Product Portfolio Management is the systematic process of balancing, aligning and optimizing a company’s portfolio of products and services with its business strategy, capabilities and market opportunities. It involves the analysis, planning, development, marketing and ongoing assessment of products and services to ensure they meet customer needs, achieve desired revenue and profitability goals, and drive innovation and growth.


Agile Portfolio Management

Agile Portfolio Management is a flexible, iterative approach to managing an organization’s portfolio of projects, programs, and initiatives that aligns with Agile principles and values. It involves continuously prioritizing, funding, and directing work based on changing business priorities and stakeholder feedback, rather than a pre-determined plan.


Collaborative Work Management

Collaborative Work Management solution is used by teams to efficiently plan, organize, and complete tasks together. It aims to improve team communication, productivity and overall results by enabling seamless collaboration, task delegation and progress tracking.

Connected Work Management Platform

Empower everyone to innovate with one integrated Work Management platform

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we hear a lot, and you’ll find the answers below. But if you have others, please don’t hesitate to contact us — we’re here to help.

Does OnePlan offer volume based pricing?

Yes, OnePlan offers volume based pricing based on the total number of users.  Please contact us to learn more.

Does OnePlan have a minimum user requirement?

Yes, OnePlan has a requirement for at least 10 Professional users.

Does OnePlan offer implementation services?

Yes, OnePlan has different implementation packages available.

Do you need a OnePlan license to view reports via Power BI and other reporting tools?

No, you do not need a OnePlan license to view OnePlan OData via Power BI or other reporting tools

Do you offer multi year contract discounts?

Yes, OnePlan does offer discounts for multi year commitments.  Please contact us to learn more

Do I need my own Office 365 account to use OnePlan?

No, OnePlan can provide you a username and password access if you do not have an Office 365 account.  Contact us to learn more.

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