Building a Sustainable Future: Englobe's OnePlan Journey
With more than 60 years of experience in the field, Englobe Corporation excels in the multiple facets of engineering and the environment through concrete, meaningful, and grounded solutions. The company carries out each project by building solid relationships and paying constant attention to partners and clients. At the heart of Englobe's approach lies the core values of environmental protection, the construction of a more sustainable world, and the unwavering commitment to health and safety. They prioritize the well-being of their employees, clients, and the communities they serve. Andre Favre, Senior Director for Program Delivery at Englobe Corporation in Canada, shares insights into their journey of digital transformation and the impact on their portfolio and project management objectives.
Headquarters: Laval, Québec 
Why OnePlan: Intuitive user interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 suite, ability to save and update templates with resource-loaded schedules, and its role as a central hub for data integration and process streamlining.
Industry: Environmental Engineering Services
Headquarters: Laval, Québec 
Website: https://www.englobecorp.com/
Department: IT, Operations
Feature Highlights
  • Centralized Portfolio Management  
  • Customer workflows & templates  
  • Intuitive, at-a-glance dashboards 
  • Flexibility and ease of configuration 
  • Schedule Management 
  • Financial Management 
Top Challenges

Challenges of redundant work, lack of real-time project information, and the need for quicker decision-making in their dynamic business environment 

State of the Business

Englobe recognized the relentless pace of change in today’s business landscape. With products evolving rapidly, long-term planning became challenging. They shifted focus to short-term objectives for quicker execution and optimal resource utilization, realizing the need for adaptability.  

Why OnePlan

Andre explains that selecting OnePlan was driven by specific criteria. Firstly, they sought a tool that offered seamless data integration, aiming for a single source of truth for all project-related information. Secondly, they wanted project managers to work within a unified platform, eliminating the need for manual data gathering and duplication. OnePlan’s flexibility impressed Andre, as it allowed extensive configuration without disruptions. The tool’s forgiving nature enabled Englobe to experiment with configurations without halting project deliveries.  

OnePlan’s flexibility was a game-changer. We could configure extensively without any fear of disruptions.”Andre Forest, Senior Director for Program Delivery

Success Metrics & Benefits Realized

Success, according to Andre, extends beyond traditional project metrics. It involves meticulous planning, adaptability to changes, and effective control systems. A successful project at Englobe is one where the team remains in control, tracks progress transparently, and achieves objectives despite evolving circumstances. This aligns seamlessly with Englobe’s commitment to solid relationships, client satisfaction, and sustainable practices. “Success is not just about being on time and on budget. It’s about understanding the essence of the project and making informed decisions along the way, all made possible with the powerful capabilities OnePlan provides.” Andre Forest – Senior Director for Program Delivery

OnePlan became Englobe’s centralized hub for project information, eliminating redundancy and ensuring data reliability. Project managers could rely on real-time updates, facilitating accurate decision-making. The tool streamlined processes, enabling quick status updates and progress reports, ensuring that Englobe’s projects remained on track despite the dynamic business environment. OnePlace streamlined our processes, enabling quick updates and progress reports at our fingertips.” Andre Forest –  Senior Director for Program Delivery 

Englobe’s integration of acquisitions with ERP and HR systems faced significant challenges before OnePlan. Leveraging the tool’s scheduling and financial tracking capabilities, they increased integration velocity twofold. Building on this success, Englobe aims for a threefold increase in the coming year, demonstrating tangible benefits from their partnership with OnePlan. 

“Before OnePlan, we had a backlog of integrations. Now, we’ve increased the velocity of integrating companies by twofold, all thanks to OnePlan’s scheduling and financial tracking capabilities.” Andre Forest – Senior Director for Program Delivery

Relationship with the OnePlan Team

Andre emphasized the partnership with OnePlan has been marked by a customer-centric approach. During the sales process, he explained how the OnePlan team focused on understanding Englobe’s unique needs rather than pushing unnecessary features. This collaborative spirit extended beyond sales, with OnePlan actively contributing to Englobe’s success stories. Andre highlights a scenario where OnePlan swiftly addressed their request for a custom report pack, showcasing a true partnership built on trust and mutual benefit.

“The OnePlan team truly understood our needs. It wasn’t just about selling us a product; they were invested in solving our problems.” – Andre Forest, Senior Director for Program Delivery

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Andre encourages others to explore OnePlan, emphasizing its user-friendly nature and tangible benefits. He suggests diving into the tool to discover its full potential, noting that surface-level impressions only scratch the surface of what OnePlan can offer. Englobe Corporation’s journey with OnePlan showcases how a collaborative approach to project management can lead to streamlined processes, enhanced decision-making, and success in a rapidly changing business landscape.