Powering Tomorrow: Framatome's Digital Transformation Evolution with OnePlan
For more than 60 years, Framatome, a renowned leader in the global nuclear energy sector, has been at the forefront of innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions and technologies addressing the major challenges faced by its customers. Their activities enable customers to optimize the availability and competitiveness of their facilities, while strengthening nuclear safety conditions. With a significant presence in the United States, where it powers 36 million homes, Framatome has built a reputation for reliability and performance. Russell Matney, Operational Excellence Manager within the Instrumentation and Control operating unit (ICU) at Framatome, sheds light on their digital transformation journey and the impact of OnePlan’s Strategic Portfolio Management solution on their project management objectives.
North America Headquarters: Lynchburg, Virginia
Why OnePlan: Intuitive user interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 suite, ability to save and update templates with resource-loaded schedules, and its role as a central hub for data integration and process streamlining.
Industry: Nuclear Energy
Department: Instrumentation & Control Unit (ICU)
Previous Solution: Excel
Feature Highlights
  • Portfolio Management 
  • Schedule Management & templates 
  • Resource Capacity Planning 
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft cloud technologies such as Teams & Power BI 
  • Reporting & Visibility 
Top Challenges

Ensuring consistent implementation of offers, including standardizing documentation of work, breakdown structures, schedules, and resource demand, while also integrating lessons learned for continuous improvement. 

Background of Framatome's Digital Transformation

Framatome recognized the strategic importance of digital transformation over seven years ago, understanding its potential to meet the evolving needs of the competitive nuclear energy industry. One crucial aspect of this transformation was the digitization of existing processes, moving away from traditional methods such as Microsoft Excel for cost documentation. 

Russell Matney highlights that the primary objective was to establish a platform for standard work and create a repository for best practices in proposals. This shift aimed to enable updates, improvements, and integration of lessons learned into their processes seamlessly. 

Challenges Faced and Benefits of OnePlan

Before the adoption of OnePlan, Framatome encountered challenges in ensuring that offers were implemented consistently. This included the documentation of work breakdown structures, schedules, and risks. Capturing resource demand during the offer phase and comparing it with existing capacity for the future was also a significant hurdle.

OnePlan emerged as a solution that allowed Framatome to save product and service templates, complete with resource-loaded schedules and associated risks. These templates provided a foundation for continuous improvement by integrating lessons learned. Matney emphasizes that OnePlan has helped them gain insights into resource demand during the offer phase, thereby optimizing their project planning processes. 

OnePlan has enabled us to save product and service templates with resource-loaded schedules and risk associated with specific tasks. Using these templates, we can update them with lessons learned and continuously improve our standards.” Russell Matney, Manager Operational Excellence & Design 

Why OnePlan

Matney points out the strategic partnership between OnePlan and Microsoft as a key factor in their successes. The intuitive interface of OnePlan, along with its integration capabilities with the Microsoft Office 365 suite, especially Microsoft Teams, provided a seamless user experience. Additionally, leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform through OnePlan enabled Framatome to create Power BI reports, accelerating data entry into other systems and enhancing efficiency.

“OnePlan’s ability to integrate and serve as a hub of data has provided an opportunity to streamline processes, reduce burden on proposal teams, and bring data from unconnected systems together to provide new opportunities for improvement.” –  Russell Matney, Manager Operational Excellence & Design

OnePlan’s role as a hub for data integration streamlined processes, reduced the burden on proposal teams, and facilitated the consolidation of data from disparate systems. This integration not only improved efficiency but also opened up new opportunities for process enhancements.


Change Management Strategies & Adoption

Driving user adoption was a crucial aspect of Framatome’s digital transformation journey. Matney highlights the intuitive user interface of OnePlan as a key factor in accelerating adoption. The simplicity of the tool made it easier for teams to embrace change and establish standard work practices. Matney notes that as users became more familiar with OnePlan, they quickly became advocates for its benefits, reducing the need for extensive change management efforts.

“I think it’s neat to see how OnePlan’s intuitive user interface and application accelerates user adoption, reduces the change management effort, and accelerates progress and growth in using the tool.” – Russell Matney, Manager Operational Excellence & Design

Success & Results

The implementation of OnePlan provided Framatome with a platform to implement standardized business processes efficiently. Matney likens OnePlan to a rail upon which their processes can run smoothly. This standardization has led to improved quality by reducing variability in output.

“Our ability to leverage standard proposal templates within OnePlan reduces error and improves efficiency within our proposal development effort.” –  Russell Matney, Manager Operational Excellence & Design

By leveraging standard proposal templates within OnePlan, Framatome has reduced errors and enhanced efficiency in proposal development efforts. The tool’s ability to integrate and serve as a central hub for data has streamlined processes across the organization. Matney expresses excitement about the future, noting that stakeholders have identified additional opportunities for improvement, indicating that they are just scratching the surface of OnePlan’s potential. 

Power BI
Microsoft Office
Final Thoughts

In conclusion, OnePlan has played a pivotal role in Framatome’s digital transformation journey, enabling standardization, efficiency, and data integration across their project management processes. The strategic partnership with Microsoft, coupled with effective change management strategies, has accelerated adoption and led to tangible improvements in operations. As Framatome continues to explore the capabilities of OnePlan, they are poised to further optimize their project management practices and drive continued success in the dynamic nuclear energy industry. 

 “I think we’ve only just begun to see the benefits of OnePlan, and I look forward to seeing where we head in the future.” Russell Matney, Manager Operational Excellence & Design