McCarthy Tetrault
Efficiency Amplified: McCarthy Tetrault’s OnePlan Success Story
OnePlan had the privilege of partnering with McCarthy Tetrault, a leading Canadian law firm with a commitment to delivering strategic and innovative legal solutions worldwide. In this customer story, we delve into McCarthy Tetrault‘s journey of transforming project management processes and tools with the help of OnePlan. Mike Johnson, the Project Coordinator at McCarthy Tetrault‘s PMO office, provided valuable insights into the firm’s experience with OnePlan.
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario
Why OnePlan: Integration with their preferred tools, allowing project managers to work within their comfort zones for project scheduling, boosting adoption and efficiency.
Industry: Professional Services, Law
Department: PMO
Previous Solution: SharePoint, Microsoft Project, Excel, PowerPoint
Feature Highlights
  • Portfolio Modeler What-If Scenario’s 
  • Integrations Project for the Web, Planner and Microsoft Project 
  • Enterprise Reporting & Visualization 
  • Status Reports 
  • OnePlan Advantage 
  • Consolidation of project information – financials, risks, issues, schedule, resourcing, reporting 
Solving Challenges with OnePlan

Before OnePlan, McCarthy Tetrault grappled with a myriad of tools—from SharePoint to Microsoft Project—resulting in fragmented project data and operational inefficiencies. “We were spending valuable time bouncing between platforms to update project documents,” Mike recalls. “With OnePlan, we’ve streamlined our reporting processes and consolidated all project information into one cohesive platform.” 

Why OnePlan

OnePlan’s integration with project scheduling tools allowed project managers to work within their comfort zone, boosting adoption and efficiency.  Central to OnePlan’s appeal was its robust ‘what-if’ scenario analysis. “This capability allows us to model different portfolio schedules, compare them side by side, and make informed decisions,” Mike explains. “It has proven invaluable, particularly for projects with dependencies on other initiatives.” 

“OnePlan’s standout feature was its integration with our preferred tools. Our project managers have varying preferences—some prefer Project for the Web, some Teams Planner, while others swear by Project Pro. OnePlan’s ability to sync existing project plans was a game-changer.” – Mike Johnson, Project Coordinator

Success Metrics & Benefits Realized 

“Since embracing OnePlan, our process efficiencies have improved,” Mike states. “The consolidation of all project data into a single platform has been a game-changer. Our Power BI reports now provide comprehensive insights for every project in our portfolio.” 

Relationship with the OnePlan Team 

Collaborating with the OnePlan team felt like an extension of McCarthy Tetrault‘s own project team. “Despite the time zone differences, the OnePlan team went above and beyond to customize our environment and address our unique needs,” Mike emphasizes. “Post-implementation, we’ve had the privilege of being part of the Advantage program, and the results have been remarkable.”

“We are part of the OnePlan Advantage and I can’t say enough good things about that team, they really impressed us with their results. They’ve been making us look good, frankly.” – Mike Johnson, Project Coordinator

Microsoft Office
Final Thoughts

“For organizations considering OnePlan, I can confidently say it’s a solid solution for streamlining reporting, consolidating project data and enhancing operational efficiencies,” Mike advises. “During our RFP process, OnePlan emerged as the clear choice to streamline our portfolio and project reporting processes.” 

“The OnePlan platform encapsulates necessary tools for project and portfolio management, offering a much improved user experience. A heartfelt thank you to the OnePlan implementation team and the Advantage program for helping us shine.” – Mike Johnson, Project Coordinator