Nevada Dot
Nevada DOT's Road to Efficiency: Integrated Data Approach
Company Overview
Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) was established in 1917. The department is responsible for the planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of the 5,400 miles of highway and over 1,000 bridges that make up the state highway system.​
Headquarters: Carson City, Nevada
Previous Solution: Azure DevOps
Industry: Government
Departments: IT, PMO
  • OnePlan
  • OneConnect for Azure DevOps
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dynamic resource management
  • Leveraged top-down and bottom-up financial planning
  • Integrated visual reporting and analytics
  • Robust portfolio analysis
Customer Challenges

NDOT didn’t have any program management functions to manage and track their projects. NDOT was using spreadsheets to track project financials in different ways. They have been using Azure DevOps to manage all their projects, but they were lacking portfolio-level capabilities. NDOT needed a solution that could help the organization have greater visibility by providing capabilities to capture and align strategies with projects. They wanted a solution that could integrate with their current execution tools such as Microsoft Project, Planner, Azure DevOps, and Power Apps request app.

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Project Online
Microsoft Planner
Microsoft Project

With OnePlan’s integration capabilities, NDOT can now bring project data together from Microsoft Project, Planner, and Azure DevOps into a central location within the Oneplan platform. This offered NDOT greater visibility and the capabilities to perform portfolio-level planning. NDOT can now track resource and financial information in one place without depending on separate spreadsheets. Within OnePlan, leadership can capture strategies and aligns these strategies with projects. NDOT can easily track and measure KPIs and progress to the organization’s strategies. NDOT can perform what-if scenarios and forecasting capabilities around financial and resource data to stay on track with project demands. OnePlan also offers the ability to integrate with the customer’s Power Apps request app.  NDOT can intake project requests within Oneplan and easily perform ranking and prioritization capabilities.

Customer Benefits
Central portfolio capabilities for all projects
Accurate capturing and tracking of project budgets and actuals
Better utilization of resources which prevents under/over allocation
Leadership can make better and faster decisions with increased visibility into project activities
Automated Power BI reporting to gain insights around organization strategies, KPIs, and projects
Easily collaborate among team members and update status via connecting Microsoft Teams and OnePlan