Redeux Energy
Fueling Future Growth for Redeux Energy with OnePlan
Company Overview
Redeux Energy is the trusted partner for high-quality, utility-scale, clean energy project development. They are experts in transforming greenfield, brownfield and industrial lands into renewable power projects that create new revenue streams, meet ESG goals, and support local economies and workforces. With an expanding portfolio of projects and a commitment to sustainable growth, Redeux Energy focuses on large-scale solar farms spanning thousands of acres. Jared Ivie, Redeux Energy Director of Project Management Office (PMO), shares insights into their journey towards efficient project management and scalability. “One of the greatest aspects of OnePlan is its continuous evolution, where our feedback is valued, resulting in ongoing growth and improvement of the tool.”
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado
Why OnePlan: Flexibility and functionality required to manage complex project pipelines offering a unique balance to cater to diverse project management needs across the organization.
Industry: Solar Electric Power Generation
Department: PMO
Previous Solution: Smartsheet
Feature Highlights
  • Flexibility of Schedule Management with Work Planner
  • Centralized Portfolio Management
  • Standardized workflows & governance
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft cloud technologies
  • Predictability of portfolio pipeline
Top Challenges

Siloed operations within its IT portfolio, as each department operated independently, leading to a lack of transparency, collaboration, governance and effective problem-solving.

Why OnePlan

Flexibility and functionality required to manage complex project pipelines offering a unique balance to cater to diverse project management needs across the organization.

“One of the greatest aspects of OnePlan is its continuous evolution, where our feedback is valued, resulting in ongoing growth and improvement of the tool.” – Jared Ivie, Director Program Management

Challenges Faced

As a startup, Redeux Energy confronted the challenge of managing exponential growth with a myriad of disparate tools. The company operated using various platforms like Google, Microsoft Word, and Smartsheet, leading to inefficiencies and disjointed processes. Their initial objective was clear: consolidate operations onto a unified platform to support scaling efforts effectively.

Redeux Energy’s decision to transition from Smartsheet to OnePlan stemmed from the need for a structured portfolio management tool. While considering options like Microsoft Project, they found OnePlan to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and robust functionality. This balance addressed the limitations of other tools, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to their project management requirements. As the company transitioned towards Microsoft’s suite of tools, Redeux Energy also aimed to leverage the seamless integration of Teams, Outlook, and other essential Microsoft applications.

“We explored options like Microsoft Project, aiming to strike the right balance. Project for the web seemed a bit light, while Project Online and larger tools felt overly prescriptive. Personally, my background with Primavera P6 scheduling, a robust tool for large capital projects, required significant commitment and resources to use effectively. OnePlan offered a unique balance that allowed us to cater to diverse project management needs across our organization.” – Jared Ivie, Director Program Management

Microsoft Office
Adopting OnePlan
The introduction of OnePlan marked a pivotal moment for Redeux Energy’s standardization efforts. Prior to integrating OnePlan, the company dedicated significant resources to develop robust internal processes, laying a strong foundation for efficient workflow execution. OnePlan seamlessly fit into this framework, offering the flexibility and functionality required to manage complex project pipelines. Jared emphasized OnePlan’s unique position in the market, bridging the gap between basic cloud-based tools and intricate, resource-intensive project scheduling solutions. This balance allowed Redeux Energy to implement both straightforward and detailed scheduling processes within a single platform, catering to diverse project management needs.Redeux Energy’s implementation journey was supported by PPM Works, providing expert guidance for a comprehensive build-out within their environment. This collaborative effort ensured a tailored deployment of OnePlan, aligning with Redeux Energy’s specific needs and processes.
“PPM Works played a pivotal role in our implementation journey with OnePlan, offering expert guidance that ensured a tailored deployment aligned perfectly with Redeux Energy’s needs and processes. Their collaborative approach was instrumental in achieving our project management goals.” – Jared Ivie, Director Program Management


Benefits Realized

For Redeux Energy’s team members, the most significant advantage of OnePlan was the establishment of a centralized “source of truth.” With OnePlan serving as the nucleus of project management activities, employees could confidently rely on one platform for real-time updates, task tracking, and progress monitoring. This streamlined approach not only boosted efficiency but also facilitated the generation of live reports for stakeholders, showcasing the company’s commitment to utilizing advanced tools for project success.

Success for Redeux Energy transcends mere tool utilization. The Director of PMO highlights the importance of empowering the entire organization through efficient workflows and clear communication channels. By integrating OnePlan into their operations, the company aims to foster a culture where every team member feels valued, connected, and aligned towards achieving overarching business goals.

“At a crucial stage of growth, we found ourselves scattered across various disjointed tools like Google, Word, and Smartsheet. Our primary goal with OnePlan was to consolidate onto a unified platform to facilitate company-wide transition, enabling scalability.” – Jared Ivie, Director Program Management

Success Metrics and Future Growth

The journey with OnePlan has already yielded promising results for Redeux Energy. While initially focused on standard project management practices, the company has now expanded its scope to include front-end project processes. By tracking these efforts systematically within OnePlan, Redeux Energy aims to predictably drive new project acquisitions and maintain a sustainable growth trajectory.

In conclusion, Redeux Energy’s partnership with PPM Works, a OnePlan Premium Partner, represents a strategic evolution towards efficient, scalable project management in the renewable energy sector. By leveraging OnePlan’s versatile capabilities, the company stands poised to navigate complex project landscapes while fostering a culture of collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement.