Integrate OnePlan with the world class CRM capabilities of! OnePlan for Salesforce allows sales personnel to view all of their critical project information from within It provides sales teams the ability to communicate with service teams via the cloud to bring global portfolio and project visibility, task management, and issue management to fruition. Service teams will be able to provide sales, marketing, customer success and executives with the information they need to close new business, increase customer satisfaction and fuel expansion within their pipeline. In this process, all users will remain in their system of preference, working the way that makes them the most productive. With critical project data shared between the software systems, organizations can remove the gap often found between sales and service delivery organizations, and more systematically assure customer success

OnePlan for Salesforce streamlines processes and improves collaboration between your sales and project teams while allowing them to work in the tools they rely on.

  • Easily convert won opportunities into projects in OnePlan.
  • Effectively communicate status and drive engagement with a single source of the truth.
  • Sales resources gain real time visibility into the health of the projects in OnePlan without ever leaving their familiar tools.