Couple the powerful resource and portfolio management features of OnePlan with the ITSM capabilities of ServiceNow to allow your organization to better execute and report on all IT work activities in a consolidated manner.

Key benefits of this holistic approach to IT management include:

  • A single, central repository where IT leadership can understand all activities ongoing within the organization, including both operational (KTLO) work as well as strategic project work.
  • A single place to plan and understand IT resource capacity and demand that will accurately take into account both operational and strategic work.

IT departments commonly use an ITSM solution such as ServiceNow to track and manage requests for IT service, however, there is little process in place to manage larger pieces of work, such as projects and programs, and to understand how IT resources are being utilized across organizational initiatives. By providing a consolidated view of all IT activities in a centralized solution, OnePlan for ServiceNow can help IT executives better support the business and answer key questions such as:

  1. How much time and budget are we spending on strategic vs. maintenance activities?
  2. Is IT actively engaged in activities that are directly impacting the strategic objectives of the organization as whole?
  3. How and where is IT adding value to the business, and what ROI can be expected on these efforts?
  4. What departments or business units are consuming the most IT resources and can we make operational improvements better support the needs of these groups?