Premier Success

Supercharge your business performance with OnePlan Premier Success 

OnePlan’s Premier Success package provides additional value to customers seeking an expanded offering that includes an on-demand Learning Management System, improved response times, and ongoing engagement in the product lifecycle. 

Learning Management System

Get unlimited access to our Learning Management System. Full of role-specific and modular training content with dedicated learning pathways, video training sessions, and best practice guides.

Support Resourcing

Premier Success provides for a dedicated support team with deep knowledge of OnePlan and your configuration. This team has access to the implementation and product teams to address questions and issues where necessary.

Service Level Objectives

Experience faster initial response times on support cases submitted from Premier customers. There is more information regarding response times provided in the table below.

Executive Business Review

Our Customer Success team will conduct regular meetings to review the partnership roadmap, objectives, and KPIs. We’ll align on goals, prioritize solutions and ensure business outcomes are achieved.

10% Discount on Training

Premier Success customers receive a 10% price reduction for online training, covering beginner Bootcamps and other sessions. However, the discount doesn’t extend to subscription packages for training.

Development / Test Environment Licensing

Our Premier Success package provides the necessary licenses to create one development and one test OnePlan environment. Additional non-production environments can be licensed separately.

Early Preview to upcoming Releases

  Your team will recieve access to an early preview of each upcoming releases. This preview will be available two weeks in advance of the offical release date.  

Customer Advisory Council Membership

Customers are invited to participate in our customer advisory council community and workshops. You will get an early look at upcoming product plans, get an opportunity to provide feedback on features and help set the direction of the platform 

Enhanced Support Response Times with Premier Success 

In business hours

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Service Level Objectives

Our Premier Success Customers enjoy faster support incident response times. The table outlines the specific response times (SLA) for our Standard and Premier Success offerings. Resolution may take longer as each issue is unique. Incidents are categorized as follows, with specific response times for each category.

S1 Urgent: Product unavailable to all or most users, causing significant disruption in business operations with no workaround available.

S2 High: Significant loss of functionality impacting multiple users, with partial or complete workarounds available

S3 Normal: the incident is not disruptive to operations, affecting one or a few users.

S4 Low: The incident is minor or cosmetic.


Success Stories


OnePlan is an excellent solution for our project management needs. It has helped reshape the way we evaluate, prioritize, and manage projects.


“OnePlan is an outstanding product and provides wonderful service. They’re active with their Customer Advisory Board and all levels of the company are engaged and driving the success of OnePlan.”


“Very well and deeply integrated in overall Microsoft product suite and standard Project Management tools.”