YMCA Retirement Fund
Capitalizing on Clarity: Mitsubishi HC Crafts Superior Solutions with OnePlan
Company Overview
Retirement Readiness: YMCA Fund Prioritizes Precision with OnePlan
Industry: Financial Services
Feature Highlights
  • Centralized platform
  • Integration capabilities
  • Forecasting and scenario planning
Top Challenges
  • Fragmented data
  • Limited visibility
  • Difficulty managing project lifescycle
Customer Challenges

YMCA was using spreadsheets and multiple tools to manage projects. They wanted to move away from using spreadsheets in meeting to a better solution that could provide them with the necessary visibility. It was difficult for YMCA to stay ahead of any challenges in the project life cycle with their current tools in place. They wanted a solution that could integrate with their current tools and offer the ability to align and track strategic goals.

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Project

With OnePlan, YMCA now has complete visibility into all project-related activities in a central location. YMCA can take advantage of OnePlan’s forecasting capabilities and what-if scenario capabilities to stay informed of any possible project challenges. YMCA can perform prioritization of projects and understand the resource/financial demands of any projects with OnePlan. OnePlan and Power BI capabilities provide advanced reporting for YMCA. YMCA can easily review project status, financials, resources, and other relevant information with Power BI reporting. In addition, YMCA can integrate with their current tools as they continue their PPM journey with

Customer Benefits
A central repository for all project and portfolio information
Automated Power BI report generations which save time and manual effort
Easily measure progress to organization’s goals and strategies with better visibility
Easily collaborate among team members and update status via connecting Microsoft Teams and OnePlan
Leadership can make better and faster decisions with increased visibility into portfolio activities