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Enabling On Time, On Budget Customer Engagements

Help your team achieve results with enhanced transparency, communication, and accountability.  Transform the delivery and management of projects by automating the flow of work and eliminating communication barriers.   Leveraging built-in intelligence and optimization engines, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 with OnePlan helps modern workplaces operate faster and be more scalable than ever before.

Key Features

Transform project services to optimize growth, empower professionals and deliver on your promise.  Dynamics 365 with OnePlan is an end-to- end solution that provides a single system of customer engagement for project sales, resourcing, delivery and billing.

Manage your pipeline with a unified sales dashboard

Consolidate your customer data into a single view using the built-in integration with Dynamics 365 Sales to get actionable insights for personalized customer engagements. 


Leverage deal structures tailored for project-based organizations

Create fixed-price, time and materials, or retainer-type contracts for your projects using adaptable billing models that meet your customers’ cash-flow requirements. 

Resource-based costing and pricing

Model robust pricing and costing variations on geography and local market economics that influence your global workforce and exchange rates. 

PSA Sales

Sales Engagement

Integrated sales dashboards with visibility to project-based opportunities, and key metrics to help forecast profitability and feasibility. Streamline and integrate the process allowing the Sales manager to quickly create project contracts, track labor rates and generate SOWs.

Hybrid Project & Work Management

Work is everywhere and without centralization, teams can’t collaborate effectively. Whether your projects are managed via Agile, traditional or within a simple to do list, OnePlan consolidates work to harness the power of project management disciplines such as cost management, resource management and schedule management across all work for delivery excellence throughout the enterprise. Bring Gantt charts, Kanban Boards, and To Do Lists together in one solution for total work management.

Work Plan Intergartions
Dynamics 365 Resource Plan

Increased Resource Utilization

Ensure you have the right resources with the right skillsets assigned at the right time for maximum productivity and utilization. Track resource performance and forecast future work against current workloads. Allow your teams to see upcoming work and apply for roles that align with their skillset. See what resources are working on and stay on top of your team’s performance.

Leverage Insights into Time & Expense Spent

Make it simple, effective and efficient to manage and track estimated and billed project time by integrating the tasks and deliverables on the calendars. Expedite billing cycles, reduce revenue leakage and produce happier teams. 

Dynamics 365 Timesheets
Dynamics 365 Invoices

Customer Billing

Provide Project managers a one-stop-shop dashboard to review, override, track overruns and approve all costs and time impacting their projects. Ensure the Project invoices reflect the terms of the contract and the approved work and expenses and customers have visibility to projected v/s actuals budget. Automate generation, approval and distribution of accurate and reconciled invoices in email and on the web. Enable integration with best-in-class back-office applications for financials. 

Insights & Analytics

Solid metrics, resource utilization, trends, forecasts and dynamic data are fundamental to good decisions. Empower management with a unified system with 360 degree visibility to project and portfolio metrics through robust analytics, interactive dashboards, operational reporting, drill down functionality and the ability to surface the data anywhere. 

Dynamics 365 Reporting
MIcrosoft Teams Timesheets


Integrate all of your applications together, so they automatically sync and continuously communicate with one another in real time. Connect is specifically architected to easily integrate with other complementary software such as HR, Support Desks and Accounting. Tivite Connect supports integration with various systems such as back-office financial systems including Dynamics ERP, QuickBooks and SAP. 

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Visit the OnePlan webinar center where you will find live and on-demand webinars showcasing our project portfolio management solutions.

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