Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

for Biotech/Pharma

Managing Your Portfolio of Assets, Indications, and Development Programs Across Functional Teams. Optimizing Strategy Execution. Driving Daily Activities & Priorities.  Visualizing the Portfolio with tailored Reports & Dashboards.

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BioTech-Pharma Transformation

Protect your investments through advanced yet simplified strategic planning tools to better plan and execute your portfolio while optimizing your resources and saving unnecessary spend.

OnePlan brings all your BioTech-Pharma investments together in its Hybrid Project Portfolio Management solution.

Visualize All Work Across Your Portfolio

Bring silo’d information together to gain visibility into your complete portfolio including project, products and other work items.  Bring teams together in a central location to collaborate on all your investments. 

Control All Your Investments

Prioritize the work that matters most and gain insights into both current and future work for prioritization and selection.   Ensure your resources are focused on the right initiatives for the biggest return on your investments.


Execute the Way You Work Best

Connect all of your work execution tools together to realize the benefit of best of breed solutions while giving teams the centralization they need to collaborate and make better decisions.  Work in the tools you know best.

Translate Strategy into Action

OnePlan empowers business leaders to define Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) across programs, teams and departments, create visual roadmaps, and measure progress.  


Easily Manage Your Assets & Programs

Effectively manage your programs by development stage and/or functional team to create an all-in-one place to tack all work related to your development programs from discovery to commercial launch and beyond. Managing across teams (Research/Discovery, CMC, Nonclinical, Clinical, Regulatory, Commercial) has never been easier with the ability to manage the intake of new programs (assets/indications) or sub-plans (clinical studies, submissions) and all existing inflight programs. Understand the impact on timelines, resources, and financials while tying directly to the management of corporate & quarterly goals, all with the ability to conduct scenario planning and prioritization at any level.

Portfolio Management

In order to accurately forecast your portfolio, you have to consider all work across the organization and it’s alignment to strategic objectives. 

Portfolio Management
Portfolio Prioritization Scenarios

Portfolio Prioritization Scenarios

Prioritize the right work and ensure you have the resources and funding you need to execute on your strategy.  If your demand outweighs your capacity, you’ll have the tools you need to make the best decisions for the business.

Resource Management

Your resources are your most valuable asset.  Optimize your portfolio, maximize allocation, and align skillsets to ensure your most valuable resources are working on the right work at the right time.  Get visibility and insights into what your resources are working on and know what tradeoffs to make should new work be introduced.

Resource Management Image
Finacial Managment Image

Financial Management

Estimate, track, and forecast your spend throughout your work’s lifecycle regardless of work type.  Ensure your products are profitable and your PMO is preventing cost overruns.   Track various cost types and categories for the flexibility you need to manage budgets and spend across teams.

Adaptive Work Management – Work Management

Work is everywhere and without centralization, teams can’t collaborate effectively.  Whether your projects are managed via Agile, traditional or within a simple to do list, OnePlan consolidates work to harness the power of project management disciplines such as cost management, resource management and schedule management across all work for delivery excellence throughout the enterprise.  Bring Gantt charts, Kanban Boards, and To Do Lists together in one solution for total work management.

OnePlan Adaptive Project Mangement
Reporting and Analytics Image

Reporting and Analytics

Making decisions is nearly impossible without a complete view into all the work that is currently in play.  In today’s world, leaders must be able to shift quickly and with confidence to stay ahead of the competition.  OnePlan provides real-time visibility into every aspect of work so you can make proactive decisions that will protect your investments and help you deliver on time, on budget and within the quality standards your customer’s deserve.  Create quick and easy to use reports and dashboards to gain insights into the data that means the most to you.


People & Process

We help you revise your current model to meet today’s business challenges. We help you establish portfolio definitions, OKRs and implement improvements to intake, planning and selection processes. 

Business Strategy Workshop

With a small group of your leaders and change agents, we walk through your challenges today and your business objectives for change. We help you identify gaps and opportunities based on leading practices, including relevant ideas from the Lean Portfolio Management framework. The output is documented as a roadmap of near-term and longer-term recommendations. 


We support your rollout of a revised strategic portfolio management framework, tailored to your needs and aligned with leading practices. We integrate process and people considerations into your tools and technology changes, including data design, process and roles updates, training, coaching, adoption and change management.   .

OnePlan Webinars

Visit the OnePlan webinar center where you will find live and on-demand webinars showcasing our Strategy Execution Management Solution.

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