Microsoft Project

Deliver all types of projects successfully by keeping your projects, resources and teams on track. With Project Online Professional, you can easily plan and collaborate on projects from virtually anywhere.

Managers must depend on sound schedule management practices to see a project through to a successful deliverable. Project schedule development is one of the primary processes associated with overall project planning. Effective project scheduling is a critical factor in the success or failure of a particular project and project managers are usually responsible for managing a variety of project schedules and timelines. OnePlan’s scheduling toolset is powered by Microsoft Project to effectively plan, manage and track your schedule. However, because not all projects or project managers require the same scheduling methods, users can also leverage a lightweight, free form, scheduling toolset with the web based OnePlan Work Plan.

It is inevitable that projects will develop discrepancies between the planned and actual performance. It is almost certain that the project will not go according to the plan. In order to prevent total chaos from occurring, a process for continual control and monitoring must be implemented from the outset of the project. The flexible scheduling functionality of OnePlan’s Work Plan alone or integrated with Microsoft Project enables managers to allocate resources by name, skill or group and then track the effort against any work item.