Brown and Caldwell
Tailored solutions to replace legacy systems to support both sales and project lifecycle.
Company Overview
Brown and Caldwell is a 100 percent environmental company providing engineering, scientific, consulting, and construction services to municipalities, private industry, and government agencies nationwide and in various places around the world. With more than 50 offices across the United States, and managing a portfolio of more than 4,000 projects, Brown and Caldwell is a recognized leader in adapting state-of-the-art technologies to address complex environmental project challenges.​
Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Why OnePlan: Tailored flexibility with user-friendly interface to standardize processes and enforce governance with robust reporting.
Industry: PSA – Environmental Services
Department: Engineering
Featured Highlight
  • Schedule Management in Work Planner
  • Centralized document repositories
  • Custom workflows & governance
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft cloud technologies
  • Enterprise grade security
Top Challenges

Siloed operations within its IT Portfolio, as each department operated independently, leading to a lack of transparency, collaboration, governance and effective problem-solving

Customer Challenges

Brown & Caldwell had homegrown, custom solutions implemented to support their Project and Portfolio Management Information System (PMIS). They are facing challenges with their ability to scale and adapt to their business due to reasons such as:
•Aging technology and processes
•Adaptability for large projects, programs, and alternative delivery

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Power
Microsoft D365
Microsoft Project

OnePlan established a strategic partnership with the Brown & Caldwell team to design and build a CRM, Project, and Portfolio management system that replaces or enhances core capabilities that are currently being utilized in legacy applications LENS and WorkSmart.

OnePlan tailored the solution to support the Brown and Caldwell sales lifecycle:

–  Client and Opportunity Identification
–  Pursuit Initiation
–  Proposal Creation / Submittal
– Award/Project Negotiations
– Resource Soft Booking Automation
–  Rate Table Application to reflect the unique rate scenarios that include escalators and time-phased rate increases

OnePlan also tailored the solution to support the Brown and Caldwell project lifecycle:

–  Project Initiation
– Project Monitoring & Control utilizing earned value techniques
–  Resource Management & Capacity Planning
– Project Sequencing
–  Time Management

Customer Benefits:​
Increased profitability/ the bottom line for Brown & Caldwell
A highly integrated environment that improves efficiency for Brown and Caldwell
Robust process automation which increased data integrity & control for confident decision making across leadership roles
Visibility into resource/staffing needs across the portfolio to predict hiring needs and more effective sequencing of projects