Better Retail Management Across Thousands of Stores for Coppel
Company Overview
A Mexican company based in the city of Culiacán, which was founded in 1941. They are a commercial chain of department stores selling through the granting of credits with few requirements, and free deliveries. They currently have more than 1000 points of sale, distributed around the Mexican Republic, Brazil, and Argentina.​
Headquarters: Culiacán, Mexico
Why OnePlan: OnePlan provided Coppel with a streamlined, integrated project management solution, enabling precise capacity planning and effective cost tracking tailored to their expansive retail operations.
Industry: Retail
Feature Highlights
  • Resource Capacity Planning
  • Integrated Project Tracking
  • Improved Collaboration with Microsoft Integrations
Top Challenges
  • Complex portfolio management of numerus construction projects
  • Time-consuming manual effort
  • Cost-tracking difficulties
Customer Challenges

Coppel was managing its projects and resources through inept large and complex spreadsheets. Roadmapping and long-term planning were disconnected from resources or other timelines, making it difficult to accurately forecast capacity. Coppel needed an easy solution to help focus on their time tracking as well as the internal costs of projects. 

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Project Online

Coppel wanted to leverage role-based requirements, in terms of estimates, and incorporate it into capacity planning. OnePlan now serves as the company’s end-to-end project and resource management solution. It enables Coppel to integrate the planning and execution stages of project & product delivery and is the system of record for its planning, forecasting, status, and billable costs. 

Customer Benefits
Rationalize capacity restraints to executives using actual data instead of instinct or gut-feel
Identify which groups are missing FTEs and need new hires or contractors
Prioritize projects and push certain projects down the timeline
Earn the trust of other parts of the technology organization