Quick and Easy Solutions for Strategic Portfolio Management at Jacobs
Company Overview
Jacobs delivers impactful global solutions to create a more connected, sustainable world — from intelligence to infrastructure, cybersecurity to space exploration. Jacobs has 52,000 employees across 50 countries working every day, challenging the expectations of today to reinvent the way we’ll all live tomorrow.
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Why OnePlan: OnePlan was the ideal solution for Jacobs, delivering robust project management and reporting capabilities that enhanced visibility and coordination across their strategic construction programs.
Industry: Civil Engineering
Feature Highlights
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Automated Reporting with Power BI
  • Scalable for growth
Top Challenges
  • Complex portfolio management of numerus construction projects
  • Time-consuming manual effort
Customer Challenges

Jacobs, a civil engineering firm, recently needed a solution to manage a strategic portfolio comprised of a large number of construction programs & projects for the Duval County School District. Their team needed a quick and simple solution to integrate a variety of teams across the portfolio and provide visibility & insights for the school district and senior leadership.

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Project Online
Azure DevOps

OnePlan stood out to Jacobs after evaluating many other project management tools due to its ability to meet their needs with an intuitive user experience.  Accelerated time to value was a critical advantage for OnePlan.  Jacobs benefited from a centralized solution to manage projects and programs in a quick and timely manner. OnePlan allowed Jacobs to easily generate automated reports using Microsoft Power BI, including project status, health, resource, and financial information. Jacobs will be looking to OnePlan in the future for upcoming challenges as they mature their strategic portfolio management methodologies.

Customer Benefits
Automated report generations save time and manual effort
A central repository for all project and portfolio information
Easily collaborate among team members and update status via connecting Microsoft Teams and OnePlan
Accelerated time to value