Diversus Health
Established OKR framework to simplify strategic planning and measurement across the entire organization.
Diversus Health, a leading healthcare organization based in Colorado Springs, embarked on a journey to elevate its digital transformation initiatives to align with its strategic goals. As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Diversus Health, Scott Martin recognized the need to enhance project and portfolio management practices to drive strategic outcomes and align with the evolving digital landscape. He shares his insights throughout this case study.
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
Why OnePlan: Customizable features provide a versatile solution for SOL-MILLENNIUM Medical Group, enabling tailored project and portfolio analysis to align with strategic objectives and foster a project management culture.
Industry: Medical Device
Department: R&D, PMO
Previous Solution: Microsoft Project
Feature Highlights
  • Portfolio Prioritization
  • Standardized templates to streamline project initiation & project manager onboarding
  • Auditing capabilities for compliance & governance
  • Notifications to enhance collaboration
Top Challenges

Disparate & disconnected project management tools, lack of clear structure in project information, and unclear prioritization, as the company aimed to align its digital transformation journey with strategic goals across different regions.

Choosing OnePlan

Among various solutions available, OnePlan emerged as the preferred choice for Diversus Health due to several key factors:

Flexibility: OnePlan offered the flexibility to accommodate different project management methodologies, including waterfall, agile, and Six Sigma.
Integration: As a Microsoft shop, the seamless integration of OnePlan with Teams, Power Apps, and Power BI was crucial for Diversus Health’s existing infrastructure
Simplicity: The clarity provided by OnePlan’s OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework simplified strategic planning and measurement for all levels of the organization.

Success and Results

Scott emphasizes a team-oriented approach, where collective achievements are prioritized over individual successes. Since the implementation of OnePlan’s Strategic Portfolio Management solution and the adoption of OKRs, Diversus Health has experienced notable successes: 

  • Improved Strategic Measurement: The organization can now effectively measure progress against strategic goals, enabling strategic agility with quarterly adjustments for better outcomes. 
  • Non-biased Portfolio Prioritization: The organization now has the ability to prioritize projects based on strategic value, ensuring focus on initiatives with the highest impact.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The portfolio view provided by OnePlan offers executives a comprehensive snapshot of projects across departments, enabling strategic alignment and resource optimization aiding in decision-making. 
  • Cultural Shift: The OKR framework in OnePlan ensures that everyone understands the objectives and how their work contributes to strategic objectives, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement. 

“Providing clarity is crucial, especially in a time of hybrid work where people can feel disconnected. We aim to establish a culture where everyone’s work is valued and contributes to our success. OnePlan’s SPM solution enables this sense of ownership and engagement.” – Scott Martin, Chief Information Officer

Partnership with OnePlan

The collaboration between Diversus Health and the OnePlan team has been instrumental in the successful implementation and ongoing support:
Customization and Support: The OnePlan team provided extensive support in configuring the tool to Diversus Health’s unique requirements, ensuring seamless integration.
Continuous Guidance: Ongoing training and support from OnePlan experts have facilitated a smooth transition and adoption of the platform.

Microsoft Teams
Power BI
Final Thoughts

Scott Martin concludes with valuable insights from Diversus Health’s journey with OnePlan: 

Embrace Change Gradually: Implementing new tools and methodologies requires careful consideration and a phased approach.
Cultural Transformation: OnePlan has not only streamlined project management but also fostered a culture of collaboration and accountability at Diversus Health. 

Through the adoption of OnePlan’s strategic portfolio management solution, Diversus Health continues to drive innovation, improve patient outcomes, and achieve its long-term strategic objectives in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

“Don’t bite off too much, too quickly. Take it slow when navigating change, have an understanding of your current culture. Sometimes, change can be challenging to digest, so approach your implementation with care.” – Scott Martin, Chief Information Officer