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Visualize Portfolio Dependencies and Connect the Enterprise 

Map and visualize how your enterprise connects, including the relationships between business objectives, portfolios, products, projects, technologies, and more. OnePlan gives portfolio managers, enterprise architects, IT leaders, and application managers the strategic and operational insights they need to drive the organization forward. 

Key Features

OnePlan’s Visualizer helps decision-makers understand the dependencies between different investments. Through it, analysts can link strategic initiatives to a future state business context, using node visualizations that allow mapping across business capabilities and enterprise architecture models.

Manage Portfolio Dependencies

Managing dependencies across the enterprise is critical to portfolio and team planning and removes roadblocks to efficient execution. 

Provide a clear vision on how your initiatives related

Visualize dependencies, mitigate risks, set a clear vision, and confirm priorities for delivering products and services. 

See the Bigger Picture

Linking work back to enterprise objectives leads to better decisions on where to focus limited resources and budgets. Assess the impact of proposed initiatives on corporate strategy. 

Make Ambitions Technology Investments Tangible

Connect technology investments to strategic initiatives by integrating technology investment plans and roadmaps.

Eliminate Uncertainty

Visualize initiative maps with associated technology processes, value streams, strategy, products, and applications to identify gaps and required investments.

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