An enterprise agile transformation represents a major change initiative for any organization. Successful transformations require funding, long term commitment, and “buy-in” at every level of the organization. Commitment to new ways of thinking and working can take years to achieve expected business outcomes. A pivotal element to begin the journey is making the case to Leadership teams for the need for change to an enterprise agile approach. Addressing decision-makers requires a compelling business case to approve the enterprise agile transformation initiative. In this webinar, we will present an agile transformation business case using a lean business case model together with the “benefits map” for the initiative. Together with our partner Wovex, we will present the value of using the concepts of benefits realization management as part of your business case for enterprise agile. Topics covered will include, among others:

  • Components of an Enterprise Agile Initiative
  • Lean Business Case for Enterprise Agile
  • The Benefit Map of an Enterprise Agile Initiative