SharePoint remains the dominate collaboration backbone for many organizations. OnePlan has evolved SharePoint Online to a create more comprehensive and integrated Enterprise Portfolio, Project and Work Management platform. For clients looking for a rich forms experience to capture business cases and manage the flow of information, SharePoint offers compelling capabilities.

In this webinar we will outline how we are leveraging the power of SharePoint and the richness of the OnePlan solution to deliver a complete Adaptive Project Management Solution.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Driving Ideation and intake using SharePoint Forms
  • Prioritizing initiatives and aligning them with strategy and portfolios in SharePoint with OnePlan
  • Tracking Progress within SharePoint while still using the scheduling and execution tools of choice
  • Managing budgets and actuals
  • Leveraging the richness of SharePoint to provide robust team sites for project delivery

One Interface, One Experience, OnePlan