In an ideal world, there would only be the need for one tool to manage all the different aspects of Product Portfolio Management in your organization. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves using multiple platforms that add up to less than the sum of their parts. And while finding the perfect solution is difficult when considering your current mix of technology, there is a way to bridge the gap between your existing tools and the ideal solution.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to integrate Jira and Azure DevOps into a comprehensive Product Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. Attendees will learn how to close the gap between agile development teams and PPM by leveraging Jira and Azure DevOps, two popular tools in the software development space.

During the session, we’ll cover:

  • The challenges faced by organizations in managing agile development teams while still ensuring they align with business goals and strategies
  • How integrating Jira and Azure DevOps with PPM can enable organizations to manage the entire product development lifecycle from ideation to launch
  • Best practices for integrating Jira and Azure DevOps with PPM
  • How this integration can streamline product development, improve decision-making, and ultimately promote growth and innovation in your organization