In the ever-changing landscape of the “Never Normal,” strategic portfolio leaders are tasked with an unprecedented challenge: preparing for the future while navigating constant disruptions. The Predicts 2024 Webinar aims to equip these leaders with insights and strategies to update their 2024 strategic plans effectively. This session will delve into how AI is revolutionizing strategic portfolio management (SPM), altering roles, and restructuring organizations. We’ll explore the increasing complexity of transformation and the essential role of organizational change management (OCM) across various functions. The webinar will address the common struggle of integrating agile and waterfall methodologies within investment portfolios.

Key recommendations for portfolio leaders will be highlighted, including

  • Leveraging AI for enhanced performance,
  • Increasing OCM-skilled resources,
  • Driving effective SPM practices in the face of ongoing disruptions.

We will also discuss the importance of tailoring governance approaches to business outcomes, moving beyond rigid adherence to specific methodologies.

Learn how to embrace the Never-normal, adopt AI, ramp up OCM capabilities, and mature your SPM practices for success in an era of continuous change. This session is essential for strategic portfolio leaders aiming to position their organizations as industry leaders through effective management and strategic foresight.