Gartner research indicates that enterprises are increasing digital technology investments to counter the current economic pressures, which include inflation, scarce talent and supply constraints. Consequently, leadership is committing to digital acceleration and has been increasing investments in digitalization and information technologies significantly.

Adapting investment strategies at scale is an increasingly important capability for enterprises that want to accelerate digital business. Doing so requires strategic portfolio management (SPM). Measuring the benefits of digital investments without a solid SPM capability that is accessible to business strategists can be challenging and ineffective.

To promote SPM at the enterprise level and provide business strategists with the execution capabilities they need, strategic portfolio leaders are forging new partnerships with the business. The goal is to tie strategic pursuits and objectives to effective enterprise execution capabilities using SPM. To adopt effective SPM at the enterprise level, solid relationships — between the business leadership that sets strategic goals and strategic portfolio leaders that orchestrate the execution of those goals are critical and must be established and sustained.

Strategic portfolio leaders must proactively promote the adoption of SPM but will not be successful in doing so without attracting more-active participation from business strategists. This can be challenging without a credible and compelling business case.

  • Join this webinar as we discuss and demonstrate the business case for SPM:
  • Challenges faced by digital business leaders
  • How digital business leaders are addressing their challenges
  • Benefits of an EPMO
  • Barriers to EPMO adoption
  • OnePlan as a complete solution for SPM capabilities