As SAFe continues to become accepted as a mainstream value delivery framework, more organizations are discovering that the benefits of becoming an agile enterprise. Any organization can begin by building the capabilities for SAFe Lean Portfolio Management. This webinar will show how OnePlan enables an organization with Lean Portfolio Management tooling capabilities.

SAFe Lean Portfolio Management is more than just defining Epics into a Kanban. It is changing the approach to thinking about strategy and investment funding. The agile portfolio is aligned to objectives and key results. As the SAFe planning hierarchy goes from the portfolio to the Program level in which Teams grouped into ARTs contribute to delivering Program Objectives. The Program Increment requires management and measurement of the complex agile initiative at scale, tracking progress, and budget and resource spending. Integration of all Team working tools is a key capability to surface all contributions to Program Objectives. With OnePlan for SAFe Lean Portfolio Management, every enterprise can “shift left” to gain strategically-aligned delivery across the organization. Through the use of OnePlan for SAFe Lean Portfolio Management, you are able to better track progress against your objectives leading to improved results and customer satisfaction.

  1. Introduction to OnePlan for SAFe Lean Portfolio Management
  2. Alignment of strategy, funding, and execution
  3. Integrating Teamwork for Program / ART Management
  4. Enabling Remote PI Planning
  5. Reporting through the delivery cycle