At some point, you’ve probably found yourself asking – Should I take on the expense of purchasing investing in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software for my business? What’s the overall ROI?

Investing in OnePlan enables your project management teams to be more efficient and productive with a fast-tracked deployment, built-in best practices, and out of the box reporting. Not having the right resources to complete projects is the same as assembling furniture without the screw – you have the right resources, but you need to be able to put it together. PPM enables teams to perform by allowing them to communicate and access project data in real-time without the need for time-consuming project progress meetings.

Addressing Pain Points

Organizations, small and large, experience unnecessary costs and headache that could easily be solved with the implementation of a PPM. From project managers up to VPs and CEOs, we have familiar stories repeated outlining key pain points organizations without PPM systems encounter.

  • Disconnected systems – Projects managed and data stored in different programs
  • Lack of visibility – Difficulty using unified metrics to assess project status
  • Manual reporting
  • Over-utilized/mismanaged resource allocation
  • Multiple project management methodologies
  • Loss of time from searching/compiling project documents
  • Spending too much time in status meetings
  • Disjointed data management

Benefits of a PPM System

  • Providing Visibility – Obtain visibility across your organization’s Agile projects and Traditional projects from your Project Online environment by connecting your agile tools for better decision making, cost tracking, strategic alignment, and resource planning.
  • Agility and Flexibility – Things can change quickly. When they do, you need to be able to change with it. PPM software allows you to have immediate access to your projects and data to help you make adapt to the project conditions to deliver your projects on-time and on budget consistently.
  • Process Automation – OnePlan enables you to automate tasks and avoid the duplication of processes. This saves you time generating manual reports and lets you focus your time where you need it most – on the project.
  • Enhance Collaboration and Communication – Most organizations are already using Microsoft’s Office 365, so the native integration with SharePoint and Azure DevOps is a considerable benefit. Using familiar technology means higher adoption rates and shortened ramp-up times.
  • Project Governance – OnePlan better governance and control of your PPM environment. Adding process, workflows, and other structures to your environment is simple and instant so changes will affect users across the board right away. You are easily able to ensure uniform standards across the organization ensuring that all projects meet the organization’s strategic goals and resource constraints.
  • Cost Savings – Implementing a PPM tool across your organization saves you time and money. With enhanced insight into projects and automation, you save time from additional status meetings, reduce overhead costs, increasing agility, and instead, can focus on areas that generate revenue for your company.

Through implementing a PPM system like OnePlan, you never have to worry about whether or not you are staying on top of the competition. You can ensure that you will always be using the latest, newest, most cutting-edge technology.

Start bridging the gaps between your project teams by viewing our webcast with the latest tips and tricks to simplify your PPM deployment.