Join us for a webinar where we explore the power of extending Jira, the industry-leading agile project management tool, into a comprehensive Strategic Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution using OnePlan.

As organizations grow and undertake complex initiatives, managing projects and portfolios becomes increasingly challenging. Jira excels at agile project management but may fall short when it comes to strategic planning, resource allocation, and portfolio-level decision-making. This is where OnePlan steps in to seamlessly integrate with Jira and bridge the gap between tactical execution and strategic alignment.

In this webinar, our expert panel will guide you through the process of extending Jira’s capabilities using OnePlan, an innovative PPM platform designed to elevate your organization’s project management maturity. We will delve into the key features and benefits of integrating Jira and OnePlan, including:

  • Strategic Portfolio Planning: Discover how OnePlan provides the tools and insights to define strategic objectives, align project portfolios with business goals, and prioritize initiatives for maximum impact.
  • Resource Management and Optimization: Learn how to gain a holistic view of resource availability and utilization across projects, enabling effective resource allocation, capacity planning, and optimization.
  • Financial Planning and Control: Explore how Jira and OnePlan integration enables comprehensive financial management, including budgeting, cost tracking, and forecasting, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.
  • Seamless Collaboration and Governance: Understand how Jira and OnePlan together facilitate collaboration among project teams, stakeholders, and executives while providing the necessary governance and control mechanisms.
  • Real-time Reporting and Dashboards: See how OnePlan’s powerful reporting capabilities complement Jira, allowing you to visualize project and portfolio performance, track KPIs, and communicate progress to stakeholders.

By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into transforming Jira into a Strategic Project Portfolio Management solution, enabling your organization to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and drive successful project outcomes. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your project management to the next level with Jira and OnePlan.