TARSUS Pharmaceuticals
Comprehensive Solutions for Financial Management at Tarsus
Company Overview
Tarsus Pharmaceuticals is a company dedicated to bringing novel therapeutics to patients across a range of diseases with limited treatment options.
Headquarters: Irvine, California
Why OnePlan: OnePlan was the ideal choice for Tarsus Pharmaceuticals because it offered a comprehensive, integrated solution that streamlined financial management across all programs, enhancing data visibility, improving forecasting accuracy, and simplifying reporting to support informed strategic decision-making.
Industry: BioPharma
Feature Highlights
  • Unified Financial Management
  • Power BI Integration
Top Challenges
  • Lack of Centralized Financial Management
  • Advanced Reporting Needs
Customer Challenges

Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, a company focused on developing treatments for various health conditions, faced challenges in managing their program financials efficiently due to reliance on disparate Excel files. This led to issues with visibility, forecasting accuracy, and reporting.

Microsoft Power BI

OnePlan provided Tarsus Pharmaceuticals with a comprehensive solution by setting up a unified financial management system within a portfolio of programs. This system allowed for centralized tracking of forecasts and actuals, integrated directly with Tarsus’s financial systems. OnePlan also implemented Power BI reports, enabling Tarsus to seamlessly access and analyze financial data across all programs in a single view. This transformation empowered Tarsus to manage their financials more efficiently and provide accurate, timely reports to upper management, enhancing strategic planning and decision-making across the enterprise.

Customer Benefits
Centralized Financial Management
Improved Visibility
Advanced Reporting
Accurate Financial Forecasting
Strategic Alignment