Barbie Budgets Better: Mattel Manages Costs with OnePlan's Strategic Tools
School Specialty
​Mattel, founded in 1945, has grown to be the world’s second-largest toy manufacturer, known for brands such as Fischer-Price, Barbie, Polly Pocket, Hot Wheels, and Matchbox.
Industry: Retail
Department: IT
Why OnePlan: OnePlan was the perfect match for Mattel, delivering comprehensive financial planning and project portfolio management tools that provided the financial insights and cost control capabilities essential for guiding strategic investments and improving overall productivity.
Feature Highlights
  • Financial planner
  • Analytics with Power BI
  • Comprehensive PPM tools
Top Challenges
  • Lack of financial oversight
  • Fragmented planning tools
  • Inefficient resource allocation
Customer Challenges

Mattel lacked a unified tool to provide financial insights and manage costs, which resulted in significant cost overruns. Mattel sought a product that could combine Project Portfolio Management with robust financial planning capabilities to meet their annual planning and ongoing project management needs.

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Project

OnePlan provided enhanced financial planning capabilities that were both detailed and flexible to support Mattel’s Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and overall portfolio management needs.

Customer Benefits
Streamlined decision making with top-down and bottom-up financials
Reduced cost overruns allowing for more strategic investments across products and portfolios
Financial visibility across the entire portfolio, including project, program, and portfolio expenditures
Unified PPM toolsets to improve collaboration and productivity