Prime Therapeutics
Prime Therapeutics Streamlines Healthcare Delivery with OnePlan's Integrated Project Management Solutions
School Specialty
​Managing the rising costs of prescription drugs is prime operating territory for Prime Therapeutics. The company, a pharmacy benefits manager, is owned by and provides services to more than a dozen blue cross shield health plans and their members, ultimately serving more than 22 million members. The company’s clients benefit from services that include pharmacy network management, benefits administration, claims processing, complex care management, marketing support, report building, and formulary design.
Industry: Healthcare
Department: Implementations
Previous Solution: Spreadsheets, Email, Project Professional
Why OnePlan: OnePlan was the ideal choice for Prime Therapeutics, offering the precise automation and integration capabilities needed to streamline complex program management and enhance operational efficiency.
Feature Highlights
  • Comprehensive work plan
  • Centralized platform with Power BI reporting
  • Streamlined communication with Microsoft Teams
Top Challenges
  • Complex Program Management managing large-scale implementation
  • Inefficient tracking & reporting
  • Need for enhanced automation
Customer Challenges

Prime Therapeutics routinely undertakes large implementation programs where delivery times are critical to its success. Each of these programs is broken down and managed by workstream leads that handle a small number of tasks with deadlines. They are overseen by a program lead that consolidates information from across these workstreams, tracks milestones, and escalates uncompleted tasks. With these sub-systems in mind, Prime Therapeutics is focused on increasing automation and minimizing the effort to maintain milestone status. Currently, managing programs is performed by individuals using spreadsheets, email, and Project Professional.

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Power Apps
Microsoft Power Automate

OnePlan worked closely with Prime Therapeutics to determine that the Power Platform could provide the business results they were looking for, both in the near and long-term. OnePlan leveraged its Portfolio and Program solution to demonstrate key Power Platform capabilities and used the solution as a starting point for the complete implementation.

Customer Benefits
Proactively identify impediments to on-time delivery of critical Program outputs
Timely and focused escalation of issues for executive resolution
Automated the process of status updating and identification of cross-program issues
Saved time and effort that was viewed as repetitious and lower-value