RTI Innovations
From Concept to Delivery: RTI Innovation Advisors Shapes the Future with OnePlan
Company Overview
​For over 50 years, RTI Innovation Advisors partnered with Fortune 500 companies, global organizations, NASA, and federal agencies to solve their toughest innovation challenges. RTI Innovation Advisors is a business unit of RTI International (RTI), an independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition.
Industry: PSA – Management Consulting
Department: Innovation Advisors
Why OnePlan: OnePlan was the perfect choice for RTI Innovation Advisors, offering tailored integration and advanced forecasting to streamline their unique innovation processes.
Feature Highlights
  • Resource forecasting and what-if scenario modeling
  • Automated reporting, integrated with Power BI
  • Workflows
Top Challenges
  • Complex Resource Management
  • Lack of integration between sales pipeline and project delivery
  • Manual process lead to inefficiencies
Customer Challenges

RTI was using spreadsheets to manage staffing needs and needed a better way to forecast future resource needs. RTI was experiencing a lack of linkage between their sales pipeline to delivery. They had too many tools in place and a lot of manual processes in order to stay on top of projects. They wanted a solution that could unify different tools and processes. RTI needed a solution to show a comprehensive view of their projects from start to finish with a less complicated process and re-entry of data.

Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Teams
Power Automate

RTI engaged with OnePlan in a Business Strategy Workshop to evaluate the current process and opportunities for improvements. After a deep discussion with OnePlan advisors, RTI realized the Professional Service Automation solution would transform their business to align with their PSA vision. With OnePlan, RTI can perform advanced resource management capabilities such as forecasting to avoid under/over allocation of resources for new projects. OneConnect allows RTI to integrate with current project management tools to create a comprehensive view of all project information. RTI can improve team collaboration and document management with Microsoft Teams combined with Oneplan capabilities. Microsoft Power BI offered RTI the ability to view visualizations of project data without any manual labor.

Customer Benefits
Enabled line of sight and connectivity of process and data from sales through delivery
Improved decision-making, velocity, and team productivity by automating workflows and avoiding repetitive data entry with integration capabilities.
Automated report generation which saves time and manual labor
Developed a means of balancing the supply and demand of resources to optimize for business growth