Summa Health
Project Prioritization for Summa Health
Company Overview
Summa Health is a nonprofit integrated healthcare delivery system in Northeast Ohio, United States. The Greater Akron Chamber documents Summa Health as the largest employer in Summit County with more than 7,000 employees. Summa provides comprehensive emergency, acute, critical, outpatient and long-term/home care.
Headquarters: Arkon, Ohio
Why OnePlan: OnePlan was the ideal choice for Summa Health due to its ability to streamline project requests, provide holistic resource capacity planning, and seamlessly integrate with Ivanti and Microsoft Teams.
Industry: Healthcare
Department: IT & PMO
Feature Highlights
  • My Portfolio, Resource Plans
  • Teams Integration
  • OneConnect
Top Challenges
  • Difficulty prioritizing projects
  • Capacity planning
Customer Challenges
Summa Health faced challenges in prioritizing project requests, capacity planning, and integrating their project management system with Ivanti for managing project requests and tickets, while previously relying on Daptiv and Excel.

OnePlan provided Summa Health with a comprehensive PPM solution that transformed their project management processes. By integrating OnePlan with Microsoft Teams and Ivanti through OneConnect, Summa Health was able to streamline project requests, improve portfolio visibility, and enhance resource capacity planning. The implementation of My Portfolio and Resource Plans features allowed for better prioritization of project requests and efficient allocation of resources, ultimately leading to a more organized and effective IT and PMO department.

Customer Benefits
Streamlined project requests process
Project requests process
Portfolio visibility
Holistic resource capacity planning