Strategy Execution Management

Plan, prioritize and align. Close the strategy-execution gap with a transparent line of sight to strategic objectives that are aligned with your initiatives, people and resources across the organization.

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Connect long-term business strategy, goals/OKRs and results to adapt & thrive

As a business leader, if you know exactly what your organization needs to do and exactly how you are going to do it, you do not need strategic portfolio management. For everyone else, there is OnePlan. 

Whether your portfolios consist of products, services or projects, strategic portfolio management means being able to change direction regularly and rapidly, based on trustworthy data that is easily visible and complete. It means having measurable goals and strategies (objectives and key results, or OKRs), followed by aligning ideas and activities to those OKRs. Finally, it requires making good decisions on the sequencing and resequencing of your initiatives based on metrics of value, capacity and business performance. 


Change direction regularly & rapidly, based on trustworthy data that is easily visible and complete.


Define measureable goals & strategies with ideas and activities aligned to OKRs



Sequence and resequence your initiatives based on value, capacity and business performance.

Translate Strategy into Action

OnePlan empowers business leaders to define Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) across programs, teams and departments, create visual roadmaps, and measure progress.  

Align OKR’s to your unique hierarchy

OKRs have many levels in the enterprise. While all objectives will connect back to enterprise goals, each business unit may have a unique version, based on its customer focus. The same goes for departments within each business unit. Additionally, large organizations are typically a matrix, with additional strategies for teams such as value streams, functional groups and geographical teams which span multiple business units. OnePlan allows you to manage different levels and versions of OKRs. Whether you need a view by business unit, value stream, program or product area, OnePlan supports the many hierarchies and matrices in an enterprise.

Effortlessly update progress against OKRs

Owners of objectives, strategies and metrics can easily update progress against OKRs. Any kind of business metric can be quickly configured and routinely updated, enabling a framework where both accountable owners and contributors can simply add progress to key results.

Provide visibility to portfolio level progress on strategies & initiatives

Whenever a contributor or objective owner updates progress on strategies or initiatives, portfolio dashboards provide real-time progress to the team, as well as enabling reports and performance analyses of trending over time.

Gain insight & understanding to interdependencies between your objectives

Switching from a list view to a board view enables a visual way to manage your portfolio. Interdependencies between your objectives – or between other items in your portfolio – are critical to see and understand. OnePlan board views enable you to gain insights into connections and patterns, edit them on the fly and drag and drop items to re-order and re-categorize.

Analyze & predict business performance with persona-based dashboards

Multiple dashboards provide insights tailored to each role or persona. Analyze and forecast business performance over time, including progress against OKRs, financial budget status, forecasts against investment targets and more. Create your own personal views, create views that can be shared with others.

Understand the size & timing of your portfolio with rich roadmap visualizations

Visualizations are proven to be an excellent way to understand complexity and make better decisions. OnePlan roadmap views provide a richer visualization for understanding the overall size and timing of your portfolio. For executives, it is a tool to rapidly understand everything being worked on and everything in the pipeline. For managers, it is a tool for making decisions on capacity and optimizing the work in progress.

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