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Improve Data Accuracy and Team Productivity with OnePlan’s Insights AI

OnePlan’s Artificial Intelligence helps drive the adoption of your portfolio management standards. Insights AI gives you objective metrics on how well your teams are performing. It provides guidance for team members on which processes and data they should prioritize.

Key Features

OnePlan’s Insights AI helps drive governance and adoption of your portfolio management standards.

Team Productivity

When you give OnePlan to your team, you give them a comprehensive toolkit. But to align everyone on the fundamentals, Insights AI will alert each team member on which data to prioritize at any given time.

Performance Measurement

If the quality and completeness of data is something you want to continuously improve, you need a means of monitoring and raising everyone’s game. Insights AI will provide team members with a score of their alignment to your standards.

Adoption & Leadership

The adoption and growth of your portfolio management capabilities will benefit from reinforcing good behavior. By publishing a leader board, you can introduce gamesmanship and use metrics to spotlight the top performers. And the laggards!

Optimize Team Productivity

Align your teams on the most important data and the actions required of them. Insights on each team member’s Home Page clarify important processes that are due, as well as any issues with data completeness and quality.

Performance Measurement

Plan owners receive a real time metric of their compliance to the target standards of process and data management. Additional alerts provide specific actions needed to improve.

Adoption & Leadership

To drive the right behaviors from your teams, leader boards generate metrics of compliance to process and data quality standards. Adoption of good practices is best reinforced with consistently measuring and sharing metrics on a set cadence. Introduce gamesmanship into the equation by publishing data on the ranking of team members.

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